Work Work Part 3

Working life is pretty normal after 3 weeks. I woke up 6:30 am, walked to the LRT station by 7:20 am, reach there by 7:30 am, reach the office by 8:15 am, had my breakfast there…blah blah. My mentors have not actually give me a lot of work yet. They wanted me to be familiar with the court rules, document drafting, and case researchs. However, this week will be a very busy week. I have to draft an affidavit in reply for a client by tommorow afternoon which mean that i have to read through a whole pile of cause papers and also to research and advise the client by Wednesday. Then, i have to attend a court hearing on Wednesday morning as well and to research on the casae due for hearing that day. Right after that, i will take a day off to attend my CLP convocation in PWTC. I looking forward to thursday because my parents will be attending it.
Although, my mentors are easy on me but they are very strict. They want me to maintain the integrity on the Profession. They expect no “half bucketed” work from me. However from time to time, they do tell me to enjoy life as a chambering student and spent my weekend well. I guess joining a medium sized firm is not a bad idea afterall because i get to learn and work with 3 senior litigation lawyers!

7 thoughts on “Work Work Part 3”

  1. gd 2 see that all is going well =]
    now.. when i do my illegal shit.. 😛
    u can try 2 save my ass 😀
    wOOt wOot lol
    take cares dude =]

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