KL Annual B4r D1nner

My firm booked a table for us Chambies and Legal Assistants for the KL Annual B4r D1nner yesterday. It was held in Sherat0n Imperial Ballroom with about 500 people. And yes, 500 lawyers. Imagine a bomb went off and we would not have any one in the courts on Monday.

Despite the mediocre food, the stand up comedy was good. Jokes poking politicians and races cracked everyone up. They even sang a song about Viagra!

10 thoughts on “KL Annual B4r D1nner”

  1. Damn u so yau yeng. If I wuz a girl, i’ll surely go damn weak in the knees and thighes and calfs.

  2. xes: Are those suits armani ???? Me wanna get one toooooo then.
    yah yah xes, did u get wasted and slept with a powderful lawyer who you then work for and then she carry u all da way to the top?????? Did u did u? tell lar…..

  3. ivN: plenty!! butthen law chicks..mmm not interested..keke
    Saphiryn: thank u thank u!! i’ll belanja u makan for that!! kkeke!!
    gguni: no ler, not armani..g2000 with 50% discount!! kekekek and mm mslept with a powderful woman? for that to happen..i gotta be a MILF
    liEw: no ler. no kaki to drink..haih
    wolf: if a bomb went off..mmmm.. i cant imagien wat would happen…
    fish fish: mmmm i dont really remember.. but i ermember its damn funny..

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