Wrong Number

The other day i sent a sms to my friend to wish him happy birthday:
From me:
Happy Birthday! Many many happy returns and hope you haven’t been drunk celebrating! Bimbobum.
His reply (a few minutes later):
Where are you working now?
My reply:
At XYZ company still! But am on leave today, so I just woke up.
His reply:
Wow, so nice, just woke up huh! you must be excited…
My reply:
Wow back! you reply very fast! excited about what??
His reply:
Fast? Maybe because i use both hands to type… so what are you doing today?
My reply:
Dunno. Chill a bit, i guess. did the gang celebrate your birthday last night? a lot of parties?
His reply:
Haha. That’s for me to know and for you to find out.
Wah, at that instant, I felt that he was being obnoxious! I was just being polite asking about birthday celebrations, why was he being so defensive, seeing how we were OK sort of close! So I stopped sending him messages and went on with my day.

In the afternoon, while I was out, I received a call from an unknown number.
Guy: Hello. May I know if this is Bimbobum?
Me: Yes…… Who is this?
Guy: Well, we were sending sms to each other this morning, and I’m wondering if I know you from somewhere.
Me: (a bit stunned) If your name is not Chong, then I obviously got the wrong number.
Guy: Oh, my name is not Chong.

So I checked the number I had sent to.
I had swapped phones just that day and I thought I memorised my friend’s number, which was not stored on the SIM card.
Instead of, 01x-2113232, I had actually keyed in 01x-2213232. Yikes!
But why did the guy entertain me?? mch! Next time, I should just pick up the phone and CALL!
Bimbo memang bimbo…..

8 thoughts on “Wrong Number”

  1. hahahahaha….. he should reply to inform u instead of playing along. come on, out of no where receive a bday sms. sure mistaken already. for me…hmm.. i might play along but depends whether the other side is a guy or gal. keke.
    anyway, u damn champion. want a title belt around ur waist?

  2. Khinko: EXACTLY! very “sui” la, to have bimbo as my middle name…. ;D
    Visitor & electronicfly: the first sms, i put my name there, so he knew i was a girl!
    endroo G: EXACTLY!!! i mean, wtf, was it even his bday??? he didn’t even confirm, just layan!

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