www.xes.cx HACKED..again..

First and foremost, I must thank pikey and Big Ben for informing me early in the morning that my website got hacked.

This is not the first time a website of mine got hacked. Few months back, the xes.cx forum was hacked and defaced. My forum data was lost and I had to reinstall a new forum because of that.

Many years back, when I had www.xes.net.my, a friend of mine hacked in to www.xes.net.my and defaced the main page. Fortunately, no harm was done.

Anyway, a brief history. Prior to www.xes.cx , I had xes.net.my. The url was cancelled because the person in charge of maintaining my url, Sai-X neglected to do. And before xes.net.my, I had xes.org. That died as well.

Maintaining a website is certainly not easy. I have gone through pain and tears because of websites. Recently, I have been threatened with a police report due to one entry I made about friendster accounts of an 85 years old lawyer and a 20++ years old girl. The lawyer sent me a letter accusing me of setting up the fake friendster accounts, which of course was denied. The entry has been removed.

Then last year, a photographer emailed me demanding me to remove photographs that I posted on my website. They were photos of night spots in Kuala Lumpur. He was about to sue me for fees for using his pictures. But fortunately, he decided to forget about it.
Also, not forgetting the occasional blog trolls such as iloveu. These blog trolls usually post insulting messages anonymously. Sometimes they make my blood boil. But most of the time, they’re creating bad karma for themselves πŸ˜›

Anyway, back to www.xes.cx, my admin has just informed me that the problem has been fixed. I discovered that www.xes.cx was involved in a mass defacement by some hackers.

Yet another drama @ www.xes.cx!

15 thoughts on “www.xes.cx HACKED..again..”

  1. nvm! actually i also want to inform u one…..but no contact at all..LoL…
    so i oso wait oni….
    Dun worry! be happy! got lawyer letter? Lucky u are lawyer, know how to handle…if i get i think i confused kau kau…

  2. ednroo & pokai: hosted in US! ahhahah fengshui master.
    Darren: yeah man
    bomboum: aiyak OKOK i give u credit too!
    karheng: hehe thanks man
    endroo & insomnia: although moral support, i still appreciate it! TQ!
    frank: OH YEAh forgot about that one!
    Sehlanz: TQ πŸ˜€

  3. Don’t let the xes spirit die! *Grins*
    You know how much everyone loves your blog.
    All the way from Melbourne. πŸ™‚

  4. Amos: not popular at all le hehe
    chuominh: aiyah nothing to do with me la. the server’s problem. i have an admin who maintains the website for me.

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