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Ever so often, people had been complaining about how rude the taxi driver can be some of the time. We even have Newspaper article and TV programme about them. But, what about their call centre operator. Will if you ask me…My answer is “LOUSY”
This was my personal experience with SuperCab. Not long ago, my mum asked me to call a cab for her because she wanna go down to KL at 5.00pm. I told her no promise but i will try to get one at peak hour. Hence, i called Supercab because the taxi main station was 10 mins from my house. The call centre operator said ok, a taxi was willing to take my mum and it would be at my house in 5 mins time. 20 mins later, my mum called me and asked me where was the taxi? My guess was that the taxi driver got lost in my area (My area is a new housing area). Therefore, i called the Call Centre to ask …
me: Hello, i called a taxi awhile ago. You said that he will be coming in 5 mins but he is not here yet.
Opeator: Ooooh, so did you wait for him?
me: Ya, of course.
Operator: Well, i think he is not coming already.
me: Then why you told me he was coming just now?
Operator: I thought he would have know that taxi normally don’t want to go to KL during peak hour. So i guess he changed his mind la.
me: Then, why he said that he was gonna come when you radio him?
Operator: Now, he is not coming already la.
me: So, what should i do?
Operator: You can try calling another one? Do you wanna call one now?
me: Yes, if you don’t mind.
Operator: Ok, if i told you that the taxi is coming in 5 mins. My answer now is please try again later.
me: WHAT!!!
So, if anyone of you think that taxi call centre out there should be more courteous and the bad one should DIE. Please boycott Supercab!!! AND I MEAN IT!!!

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  1. i think someone should do something abt cab drivers. there are no such things happening (overseas) as:
    1. ‘sorry no cab!’ when you’re calling from home to request for one, or
    2. ‘oh i’m not going that way lah!’ when you hailed a cab and tell them where u want to go to.
    what’s the pt of having cabs in this country when they’re absolutely unreliable? such a disgrace if tourists face these cabbies.

  2. yer, y so liddat one? It’s not like you’re not going to pay them and so what it’s peak hours, they would get MORE customers from KL what rite?

  3. KL still ok lar….what if you step into Sunway or Subang….those fellas slaughter you like nobody’s business!!! I think the government should make a stop on it…But don’t know why they just act something never happen!!!

  4. All this are the failure of the System.
    public transportation system, road system, city planning system, housing developement system…. system system system…… argghhh.

  5. you can’t blame the taxi drivers. If the problems of the various systems are carefully dealt in the first place, we won’t be having hard time to go to our destination(s) in the Klang Valley during peak hours/rush hours.

  6. That’s y la. Why Singapore can do it but we can’t? WHY? WHY? Why our government spend their time bickering with each other about some half way bridge? WHY!!! WHY!!!

  7. Chorus
    If they say –
    Why, why, tell ’em that is human nature
    Why, why, does he do me that way
    If they say –
    Why, why, tell ’em that is human nature
    Why, why, does he do me that way
    Reminds me of the song by Michael Jackson. Haha.

  8. Fortunately, I’d stopped calling supercab. You might wanna try calling Public Cab if you’re staying around Damansara, Taman Tun or Bandar Utama area. For Subang or Sunway, try Comfort(I don’t think it’s comfortable enough but it’s the best source of Cabbie Service you can find). For other Pee Jay areas; try Sunlight if your area are located much closer to Kay El, or try calling Public Cab as it does cover Pee Jay widely. Others may give suggestions if there are any other Cab Agency which is good.
    -Cab Hunter, Day & Night-

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