Xes, Superstar

While, i was surfing randomly on the web. I kinda key in www.xes.cx in google for fun and also to see who is the most popular blogger on www.xes.cx la. So the result is me in the third place, Wen dee, second (wah….3 years never blog and people still mention about her posts. She is a legend!!!) and of cos the no. 1 is our dai lou…XES.
The readers and fellow bloggers not only think that he is the guru of melbourne shuffle but ONE OF THEM THINK THAT HE IS CUTE…=p Don’t believe? Read this…
” Anyway, I found a blog while randomly surfing the blog’s net and came across to www.xes.cx and his blog is attractive and so is he. lol. Okay, okay.. I was just admiring his looks, u know.. Can’t blame a girl like me. =) ”
Hey xes, i didn’t frame you,kay. Go read arainking’s Blog

19 thoughts on “Xes, Superstar”

  1. bimbobum = Alonzo
    xes = schumacher
    Who is kimi?
    Alonzo will be smelling kimi butt all the way home to the finish line when kimi moves to Ferrari.

  2. wah, angel_baik ni baik betul, memang Frank punya #1 fan selalu! angel_baik boleh minta Frank berikan gambarnya dengan autograf untukmu sebagai cenderamata! šŸ˜‰

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