Xes.cx Special Mix

This is meant to be released before christmas but i couldn’t made it in time for the special occasion. The playlist consists of mostly requests from friends and fans and personal favourites. Tracklisting as follow.

1.Dj X-Sonic and Nautilus – Hymen of the Nautilus (Megara vs Dj Lee rmx)
2.666 – Insanity (Megara vs Dj Lee rmx)
3.Nouky – When The Rain Begins to Fall (Megara vs Dj Lee rmx)
4.Kenny Takito – Connected
5.Starsplash – Rainbow in the Sky (Megara vs Dj Lee rmx)
6.Rock Ryders – Don’t You Know (Full on Vocal Edit)
7.Dj Tiesto – Traffic (Cosmic Gate rmx)
8.Vanessa Mae – White Bird (Cosmic Gate rmx)
9.Alphazone – Immortal (Ceylon rmx)
10.Dj Tiesto – Just Be (Antillas rmx)
11.Voodoo and Serano – Blood is Pumping 2005
12.Digitally Imported – sod (rych Vocal hard mix)
Yeah and lastly, happy new year people!
note:Link holds for 7 days only. Yousendit doesn’t support multi-downloading or resuming, so please use single download. File approximately 49.9mb coded in 128kbps
[EDIT] new link http://www.quickdump.com/files/433584179.html

11 thoughts on “Xes.cx Special Mix”

  1. I’ll be the first to download. he he he..listening to it now. I think it’ll be another nice mix!…Thanks rych! 🙂

  2. if those tracks can be seperated it would be better ! lol !
    nvm.. i’ve gotta list of names.. i’ll find 1 by 1 and download it =)
    thanks xes ! rock on !

  3. DarkSoul and Mary:Thank you and happy new year
    pantysnifter:actually i prefer sets than single track because the bassline at the starting of the song usually bores me.btw the first track is very very very rare, got this from a friend directly from van der karsten and dj lee himself.

  4. w00t thanks for the song rych!!
    great trance tracks 😀
    but the album cover looks like gross. euw hehe
    btw i’ll try to upload the song in other servers 😀 good things must be shared longer!

  5. This is the best mixset ever i have download from internet, websites, forums, kazaa or i-mesh. I can say that it is my style of music and suprisingly Vanaessa Mae’s white bird CG Remix one of my favourite was in. I gotta say you’ve got potential, the rythm of the mix stay constant and you have a good taste and judgement for the tracks you selected. 2 THUMBS UP!! Cheers!

  6. xes:even if its a guy’s lips just pretend that you’re a homo for onCe lah, just onCe.
    Kenstyle:Thank you.atually i get alot of eletroniCa musiC everyday,while some of them are good but the older ones are definitely the best.

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