XeS’s power to create LoMance

This goes out To ALL xEs’s fans out there
Oh, you know who you are… ~

xEs’s PoWer to crEAte ROmAnce

xEs’s power to create romance is OKAY
But this power is suppressed due to his passive personality
That said, he is very good at getting other people’s attention and care
It’s simply not hard for him to get a good and caring partner
However, he should be aware that other people may get jealous of him…

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*Is this true??

7 thoughts on “XeS’s power to create LoMance”

  1. cLeong : hehehe…. just admit it that you’re not THAT hot…. My results were better than yours… muahahhahahahahaha…… Honey Glazed Lips worr…. :):) HAHAHaHaHAHAHHAhaaa…. TAI SEI. Dead fish Leong…

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