My friends and I went to watch the Asian Xgames at Bukit Jalil. We watched in awe as contestants of the rock climbing competition were trying to climb a wall which is almost impossible to climb. Basically, the rocks that you hold on could only fit 2 of your fingers.

I arrived at the place late. The finals were just about to start. Some people came early in the afternoon to check out the scene. Man, they were fried by the hot scorching sun. Further, there were people from all around the world for example, Japanese chicks in bikinis, Japanese chicks in bikinis and Japanese chicks in bikinis.

And I must say, all of the contestant’s bodies were oh my god, muscular and nicely toned. I WANT I

One of my friends was complaining that our Malaysian crowd is not sporting as they tend to be very quiet. I felt pity for the MCs that were trying to get people to cheer and scream for performances that they have done. It’s either the crowd doesn’t understand English or they’re just too shy to scream and shout. Unlike other countries, people are much more sporting and know how to make things more interesting. IMHO I think the way to solve such deficiency of our society is by providing them alcohol or any other substance that makes them high. Look at our raves man…

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  1. malaysians quiet?hahaha i don’t think so….i’ve always noticed that when i go to any chinese restaurant…coffee shops…hotel restaurants..whatever…it’s always freaking noisy….

  2. well, too bad you missed the women’s finals for bouldering, those jap chicks were some of the contestants 🙂 and.. it wasn’t THAT quiet, i did my part! …and down with a sore throat now, unfortunately

  3. michaelooi: i also think so ehhehpenispup: u wanna see? i tot you’re a lesbian? and i was referring to crowds @ performances frostie: yupyup chicks 😀 frank: they seriously need alcoholabby: hehe i was referring to the crowd @ the motorcycle show and inline skating 😀 get well soon xoxo

  4. I demand you show pics of Japanese chicks in bikinis. But Japenese chicks in bouldering…hmmm…probably too muscular like Xena for my liking.:P

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