A friend in need?

Today, an old friend messaged me on my mobile phone:-
“Do you mind if I borrow your Professional Practice lecture notes and I promise it is for personal use…other subject I got textbook except for this…signed Mr Cow (not his real name).”

Now,should i lend my notes to Mr Cow?
1. Although he was someone I met in my High School, we had never spoken much to each other in school or after we graduated.
2. We lost contact for 6 years but we bumped into each other recently. He stays a few blocks from me now in KL but we still do not hang out or speak with each other.
3. The quota for CLP is so low. I don’t think helping a student from another college will increase my chance of passing.

What will I lose if I do not lend him the notes?
1. A so call friend
2. I will be known as an asshole and a selfish bastard

Can I live with that?
Yes. It is not my fault that he joined the wrong college for CLP.

10 thoughts on “A friend in need?”

  1. you forgot reason no 4). mr lion king said, “i hereby place a curse on anyone who lends out our college notes to non students. anyone who did, shall fail his CLP with flying colours”however, on a brighter note, mr lion king said, there is no quota for clp, the low passing rate is because the fucking exam is fucking tough.as for mr cow a socalled friend, by lending him your notes, your relationship with him could improve and probably in the future, he would be very willing to help you if you have problems 😀 ie match make his pretty cousin with you or soemthing like that..

  2. the best thing is, lend him the wrong notes, so u did lend, and u increased the number of people failing thus giving urself a higher chance of passing, and u get to keep a friend, cun right my plan?

  3. Mie: I told him that i will call him when i am free. If he is desperate enough, he will call me in a day or two.Xes: Really ar, no quota meh? Like that good lar. Then again, if i lend him the notes, i will jinx by Raja’s Curse rite? Chuoming: No need to be so “chao hai” to him lar, he didn’t kill my dog lar.

  4. It’s a man eat man world out there frank. Even if there is no quota for passing ur CLP exam, when u’re out practising, there will be an extra bastard trying to fight for ur rice bowl and as you and all lawyers should know, competition is a bitch. Bad for urself, good for consumers. And wat u want is good for URSELF!!!!!!1st come 1st serve mah. When he starts calling, ask ur mother or someone else to answer and say wrong number lar. I mean although he din do anything to u or say anything about u (bad that is), do u really care whether anything happens to him or not ?????If not fark it lar!!!!!!!!! Prettty cousins whoever also got lar. Ask xes about Sharon :p

  5. Although i sound like a selfish bastard, it’s not a choice. It’s a way of life people. I alwiz belif that good will alwiz b rewarded but not in this! In this, hardwork will only be rewarded. It’s his choice that he went to that skool and everyone has to pay for the choices he or she makes irregardless of whether was it intentional or not. Then only one would learn mah. U cannot rely on da world to help u coz in reality, life sucks but it alwiz has to go on.But then again, it’s my opinion and my point of view and mine alone. The final decision as alwiz will b in ur hands frank so make the choice wisely ;)Cheers.

  6. everybody feel free to disown gguni as your friend as he provides no help or has any symphaty for you when you have problems!! 😀 frank: lion king tok kok only la 😀

  7. If u don’t know him that well and don feel obligated to help him, fuck it lor.I mean he means nothing to u rite, frank?

  8. Xes: It is quite obvious that he is talking cock but he is only trying to boast our morale. gguni: You are right wei. I will still wait to see if he is desperate or not. He will call me in a few days time if he is. i shall think about it then. Hahaha

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