xmas dinners

. I headed to Timothy’s house for Xmas dinner last night. The food was absolutely fantastic. Well, it’s a tradition that every year we’ll head down to Timothy’s place for Xmas dinner. I had 4 servings. BURPP. Another great thing about the dinner is that it’s a gathering of my old high school friends. It’s good to see the old faces again.

I rushed over to Cris’s place for his party. Well, the usual blogging and raving gang.

We were in Cris’s room, chilling out, chatting and even dancing. There was once, Ben, Sow, Zing, Ronald (4 big sized guys weighing about 1 ton!) and I sitting and lying on Cris’s queen sized bed. Each of us was sitting on the corner of the bed but an empty space was left in the middle. So Sui Lin decided to move in. As she was about to hit the bed with her butt,


The bed broke.

Sui Lin is the fattest girl ever lived.

4 thoughts on “xmas dinners”

  1. At least there were THAT many ppl. to blame on for the broken bed. My Sis once had this friend who was really, really big in size. She was at my Sister’s place, sat on the chair and it broke. My Sis had to quickly make up a story and said that the bloody chair was already broken earlier on to save all the embarassment.

  2. stinkles: BEn has a story like that toooo hahahha! michaelooi: if money grows on trees, i dont mind suilin breaking my bed everydayfr0stie: wont one ler..suilin very nice girl one ekke

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