DJ Maverick’s world record attempt

I’m off to Port Dickson for a night trip with my friends. Cya guys tomorrow.

DJ Maverick’s world record attempt
DJ Maverick’s 90 hours DJ set started at 10AM this morning. So Ben, Sui Lin, Cris, Iris, Don, Johnson, Wei Hai, Gavin, YS, Ivan and I headed down to Sg. Wang plaza rooftop car park to give moral support. It’s not exactly an open-air car park. It’s actually a row of shops built in the car park.

The decks were located on a make shift stage with load of banners of the sponsors around. The amount of vinyl he has was abundant. Thanks to contributions from other DJs.

By the time we reached there, he has already spun for 14 hours. He looks tired but yet he was still dancing to the music. The song he was playing was pretty chill out and there weren’t many people.

The set is documented through video recording. Witnesses are also needed. Anyone can be a witness; so long they stay for the set for 4 hours. On the other hand, non-witnesses can sign the guest book. I saw Jonathan Kent’s (BBC correspondent) name and a lawyer from a prestigious law firm in the guest book

Paramedics are on standby in case anything goes wrong. A portable toilet is next to the stage. And there?s a little hut outside the venue for him to rest.

At 2AM, the crowd got larger. After his 15 minutes break (he is allowed 15 minutes break every 8 hours), Maverick pumped up the music and people started dancing.

He’ll be ending his set on Tuesday, 2PM. I wonder if Ahmad Badawi, our Prime Minister would be there to present him a medal or something. Hehe

We asked him what is he going to do once he finishes his set. He said, “I’ll rush home to go online and download all the new songs released during my absence”. A true DJ I tell you.

Here are some pictures I took with Sui Lin’s camera..


DJ Maverick

Some of the vinyls he has..

In case anything happens…

The dancefloor

EXCLUSIVE: Maverick’s portable toilet..

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  1. hmmz .. chenghai u layan choco milk and choco sticks (waddaya call tht?) there ah .. makan edi nv throw .. dirty the place sial .. heh heh

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