Yes Minister!

When there was a blackout in the South of W.Malaysia. I shouted ” Fuck! Why the account never pay the Electricity!” The account girl shouted “Shaddap lar, it’s TNB lar. Blame the minister!” So we did and this is what the minister have to say:-
“Everybody is calling me. Even my wife called me when the lights in the house went off.
“I asked her why she was complaining. I said I was with the Prime Minister in Malacca and even he was tolerating the problem.
“I said: ‘So, what’s wrong with you? Just because you are the minister’s wife, Datin, you think you are special. Power failure has nothing to do with me. I have no power to stop the power failure’,” he told reporters at Tenaga Nasional’s head office here yesterday.
He said: “Looklah! There are millions of people in darkness and my wife is calling me to complain.
“I told her even Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and I had lunch in the candlelight.”
And the news reporter actually thinks that he is funny:-
they wrote:-
“Lim’s usual good-humoured banter was a welcome relief during the tense situation at the TNB headquarters where everyone was frantically waiting for power to be restored.”
Relief? Hello, i am certainly not very happy with that remark. Please say something more responsible like “I am terribly sorry. I will hand in my resignation letter. I have let the Rakyat (People) down.”
Then of cos that is not enough. When a reporter tried to get some more detail from the horse’s mouth by saying :-
“YB, in Malacca, you did not have the facts, but here you have just attended a briefing by the engineers and so you are better informed to inform us.”
“That’s right. You are a smart fella, huh!,” The minister said.
Note: This story was published in The Star

11 thoughts on “Yes Minister!”

  1. if he can repay the losses of millions of ringgit suffered by the public then maybe yeah he can say that. malaysian ministers are uneducated assholes who take no responsibility for their actions.

  2. Ai~ Really think the TNB mengsiasoikan. This blackout topic has been for years, never resolve. Geek!! Those goin for SPM or STPM this year… kekeke… might be out an assay on that. >.<
    Btw frank, r you goin to meet with Huai Bin during CNY?

  3. i agree with u frank, all ministers just dont hold responsibilities at all… typical minister remarks when black out happened or when a highway landslide happened…. either ‘Act of God’ or ‘not my fault’… pointing finger up the sky and down to earth. Cis bedebah!

  4. Hey fish fish, give TNB some credit. It’s not easy providing electricity to the whole country on a daily basis. And dealing with powerstations, substations, generators, huge-ass machines…. has never been easy for the people who ACTUALLY work on them to give that service to you. Maybe you should go for a tour around powerstations and see those turbines that could potentially decapitate you should a blade break off at the same time blow you into smithereens!!! Appreciate the fact that we enjoy constant electricity and be thankful the blackout was only a few hours as opposed to the several days nationwide a few years back!
    I don’t work for TNB, I’m just an engineering student who appreciates working on maintaining power stations as not an easy task.

  5. eh~ u want the errotic advert from Japan or not? I can collect that for you. They owez send to my home, have thrown away many many liao. Maybe it is useful for you. Kekeke…

  6. saph_pearl: So, what should we say to TNB. Please raise our electricity charges so you can provide better service to us? I know even the most developed country can experience nationwide blackout as well. For instance, the recent incident in Chicago. Nevertheless, the blackout only affect a part of USA not a few states. We are not blaming the engineers in TNB for this. We are unhappy at the TNB’s management and the way our government handles it.

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