You abandoned us…

Lately, a high school friend called me. He said…
“I am unlike you. I still keep in touch with our friends and you…you forget about us when you have new friends in KL.”
Honestly, i don’t think that i have ever abandoned any of my friends from High School. When i first came to KL, no one bother to contact me. I was alone in a strange land.
When i managed to contact them, they never bothered to meet up with me. Although,evetually i managed to find where they were and paid them a visit. How did they treat me? I was left sitting in a corner like a stranger, an unwanted guest. That was the last straw, i decided that if they did not take the effort to stay in touch me, why should i?
Over the years, i lost contact with all of them. Although, i am only left with two friends in my hometown but i never regretted because i still have two loyal friends.

8 thoughts on “You abandoned us…”

  1. i think growing apart as ppl go their separate ways is quite natural, so it shouldnt bother u. ur real friends wont accuse u of such things, n if they do they’re not worth keeping nway. chin up! πŸ™‚

  2. some friends don’t understand or don’t know how much work and effort it takes to keep the friendship alive – they don’t even appreciate it. but if you tell them this, they end up pointing fingers back at us to say that we’re bearing grudges or being calculative.
    can’t win, right?
    but as we grow older, we just can’t be arsed la. only keep friends who return the effort. =)

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