Hardsequance @ Glow Dance Club 24 September 2005

Good evening Tun-tun, Tan Sri-Tan Sri, Datuk-Datuk, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bass Agents & the Dark Raverz proudly present:

Glow Dance Club is one of the newest clubs in Kuala Lumpur.
Couple weeks back, I went to check out Glow Dance Club @ Kuala Lumpur. The Bass Agents were spinning.
The crowd in Glow is predominantly Shufflers. Hence, one can see loads of shuffling action going on. Great place to learn shuffle as well.
Another unique thing about the club is the arch in front of the club.

The place wasnt pack at all. Service was good and their beer tasted good.

Big Ben had his share of spinning as well although for only 2 tracks.

At 2:30AM, everyone rushed out from the club due to a rumour that police were coming over to raid the place. The club was totally empty for the remaining 30 minutes.
Hen and I rushed out outside and saw…nothing.
Me: “Hey! Where are the cops they promised us??”
I immediately text Big Ben, “Dude! We’re outside. The cops are coming! I’ll see you in jail…”
The cops never came. It was another false alarm.
We went back into the club, the Bass Agents were already packing and the staff was cleaning the place up.

13 thoughts on “Hardsequance @ Glow Dance Club 24 September 2005”

  1. darren: are they such people?? gee..empty clubs are a big turn off!
    yishy: kekekekekekeke does it look liek vagina? the logo supposed to look like one of the owners of the club
    Lainie: hehe its alright. its not well known.

  2. xes: it happen a couple of times when someone gave a false alarm, and the club was totally empty, but i got free drinks since ppl abandoned their unopen beers hehehe

  3. wat if it gets raided chzehong? i think glow is a place which will get raided fucking a lot coz they are new and they dont hv money to pay the cops..so ppl who go there to pop, watch out!

  4. julz: its not advisable to drp by glow if there’s no special event there as there wont be many peple.
    darren: wah not bad!! next tiem grab a botle back as well!
    silylwabbit: yup..but the logo looks like syko-G hehe
    chzehong: hehe u better not miss this time!!
    Glowinthedarkcondom: Please refrain from making malicious comments against any parties. We dont want to get sue no?

  5. Darren: your lucky enough to get free beers…last Saturday i brought my own mineral water to the club…
    julz: it’s advisable to go there if you have a bunch of friends and your palnning to have a so called “private party”…try to think about it, you don’t need to pay for the private function….just bring your friends there and the club is yours the whole night…hahaha

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