Zouk fest @ Genting

ZoukFest was crap. I didn’t like it one bit. The place was crowded, the crowd management was poor and the music was so-so.

There were many obstacles preventing me from travelling to Genting Highlands. First, my car broke down in front of Wan Nee’s house. It was due to battery failure. However, many thanks to Jin Han for the helping hand. Without his jump start cable, we would have been stuck in Kuala Lumpur.
Then while driving there, we were stuck in a horrible jam for half an hour due to a minor accident. As we passed cars that were involved in the accident, I winded up my window and shouted, “WOI CHOR CHU SAI!!!”. That means, “OI, stop blocking the road!”.
The tickets were sold out early in the afternoon. I heard some people lined up for 8 hours for the ticket and found out that the tickets were all gone. I heard there were some pushing and sholving incident as well.
Black market tickets were on sale. I was in desperate need of another ticket. I called up some friends and they didn’t have any with them. However, Hen told me that there was someone offering RM200 for a ticket. Screw him I said, I rather sneak inside than pay RM200 for that ticket. Well, I somehow did 😀

Trying to get in…

Wan Nee, Bridgette, Jen

Jane thinks they’re Japanese from their dressing..but they speak Chinese though..

The rave was held here..

Lining up..

Jane & I

Annie & Wai Keong

Chien & Jane

I dont know who this guy is..but he insisted that we take a picture of him..

Big Ben..looks like he’s drinking foam..


Hen & half a Ping and Wai Keong’s back..seems like there’s some male bonding here..
The rave concept was good. 3 rooms for different type of music. They had rooms for r&b, hip hop and electronic music. I was at the electronic music section all the time. Initially the music sucked, but got better gradually.
Driving down was a bit of a hectic. The roads were misty and curvy. Wan Nee and Jane got car sick. Then I felt a little sleepy as well. Fortunately, we got home in one piece.

26 thoughts on “Zouk fest @ Genting”

  1. lol, 200 for a tix? better get back down to kl and pay another hundred for a bottle of booze … at least you can admit 4 person … haha

  2. I was there at around 6pm by cab….weee..drive like crazy reached there less than an hour.lol…and i got free tickets. Overall, its not as good as I thought it is. Quite some ppl shuffling there but it was damn packed over the trance section. 🙂

  3. penang braddie bunch couldn’t get in, the backstage guy that was suppose to our tickets(30+) ran away… guess we became the source for those blackmarket ticket sellers 🙁 sigh

  4. zoukfest was krap.
    the line up for mediocre.
    crowd management was close to non-existent.
    way out west dissapointed.
    i left the venue after that.

  5. A girl with good taste … me…
    A smart girl that chooses to skip whatever you’ve been through for a quiet night… me… hahahaha

  6. rych: hehe, thnks. it was a gift from suilin and gavin.
    earlku: yeah la, with rm200, we can get our own air conditioner as well. no need for the genting freeze
    darksoul: cab? why not take a bus? and whats shuffle?
    pennypupz: yup!! bass agents!!
    glo: yup strongly agree!!!!
    fr0stie: eh? u mean the backstage guy took 30 of your tickets and sold it?? when u guys gonna whack him la?
    frank&afser: how about Jen la? she’s hot too wei!
    suilin: eleh, no one asked u also.
    Gavin: no one asked u too la
    facky: yes horrible!!!
    darren: u were there? 😀

  7. haha, blast ur rooms air con to the fullest – still not enough? take off ur shirts, then blast the pc’s speaker volume high up …
    set someone to turn the lights on and off very quickly – i suggest everyone take turn doing this …
    start pouring everyone a drink …

  8. Gee… wannee & bridgette look alike, they are sisters? 😛 Btw, this time when I went back Kch, oso noticed some gals started to dress like a Japanese, geeee… is it a trend or what??

  9. fishfish: its been a trend since many years ago. i have to admit that jap dressing are quite nice actually 😀
    earlku: err.. i hope thats not a sausage party
    afser: mmmm i think she and her brother are reading this..
    dogma: wannee u know, wannee..

  10. xes: cab is much cheaper than bus if shared by 3 or 4 ppl. less than 20 bucks. 10 times faster than bus and reach in less than an hour. LoL
    Are you going to GLOW this friday? Meet you ppl there!
    rych: Are you going to GLOW?…u local?

  11. I thought Zouk Fest was alright.I didn’t go in until 11:30pm so it wasn’t that crowded.I also managed to get in without the blackmarket tickets.

  12. Zoukfest was a total CRAP. Good to see u there xes 🙂 If i’m not mistaken… ur fren Ben had his own spinning after the rave rite?

  13. yeah right…the so called the zoukfest… zouksucks i think its better… wus there…seriously i hated it… the worst event that ive ever been,dam poor management…the music wuz not so good as well, not enough “kick”.. not to complaint,but its reality man!!! and also it black out suddenly…sure make the crowds cursin zoukfest for a while… hope the management do better the next time……..

  14. The Zoukfest was fun… Hopefully there’ll be another event like this.. without raid.. yeahh

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