12 july 2003

Pictures taken on Saturday night, 12 of July 2003.

My first taste of absinthe
Absinthe is a concentrated alcoholic drink with 89.9% alcohol. It could make you hallucinate and people are known to have died from over consumption of absinthe. Zing’s girlfriend, Faith was the bartender of the night. She held a spoonful of sugar and poured absinthe on it. She then lit the sugar and let it burn for a while. The burnt sugar is then mixed with the drink. The taste was horribly bitter. It was burning all the way from the throat till the stomach. My face slowly turns red while the gang was sadistically enjoying my transformation from a human being to a tomato.

At Zing’s palace @ Tropicana.

Irene’s 23rd birthday bash
No details needed, just that Irene, as usual, got drunk and KO-ed.

More pictures @ SuiSui’s website http://www.geocities.com/horsuilin

4 thoughts on “12 july 2003”

  1. i think wendee is really pretty. she should join miss malaysia chinese international. me thinks she much prettier than de rachel tan!cheers

  2. Xes, what font you’re using on the pic ? 0b_21.ttf only works on font size 8 to 10. (If you’re using that). Sorry for not telling earlier.

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