Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Wingardium Leviosa…….*PoOooF* ( Hermoine casts her wand ) Stumbelina magically appears out of thin air. Muahahaha..I’m back to bloggin’!! Many reasons explain my absence. Since the exams, I have not actually settled down. Been to Lake District, London, packing and moving, ‘deprived’ of internet connection…yada yada yada…the list goes on and on…O.k. sum it all up, it’s pure laziness, folks!!!

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix is selling like chicken in the market now!!..I’m no Harry Potter fan, but I do like the movie. It often leaves me with some sort of magical bliss after watching the movie. I prefer Harry Potter to The Two Towers ( I’m still a kid 😛 ), no one will believe that I slept through the two towers and Fred had to get me up when the movie comes to the climax…(wipes saliva before Fred continues from where I dozed off ..keke). It’s really sweet of him though.

I am and never was a fan- fiction fan. I am glued to the gloomy boring fictions. And they all share the same theme. I just realized that my favourite novels have some sort of melancholic insight. They are THE HOURS written by Virginia Woolf – who apparently committed suicide, THE BELL JAR by Sylvia Plath- and yes, she committed suicide by shafting her head in the oven, and THE VIRGIN SUICIDES ,PROZAC NATION..yucks yucks yuckss…my little morbid obsessions.
I guess it’s time for some fan-fictions! Kisumassa ligoof (magic words) fairies, hobbits, and dwarfs will rule my world now 😀

I have developed an itch. (God save me!! Not another depressing interest?!!) I have always been interested in the life of the famous legends, Kurt Cobain, Madonna and Marilyn Monroe. I’m curious on how people like them who considered to have-it-all , money, fame, sex, what more can they ask for, yet, sill ain’t contented with life. Last year I read on Kurt Cobain’s biography. It was said that he suffered from a childhood trauma and drugs been his sole dependent of happiness. I don’t know if that actually made him pull the trigger and blew his head off? In fact, Courtney Love recorded a suicide note of Kurt. To me, it sounds really fake. I guess for the information that I gathered, they are merely media sources, how valid are they, we will never know. Sometimes it makes me wonder, among all the pretty things in life, they gotta pay it off with suicide. Depressing!! I’m actually looking forward to getting a biography of Marilyn Monroe in Fopp at Cavendish Street for 3 pounds ;p

Talking about Marilyn Monroe, I have these photos uploaded for you guys. It was taken in Madame Tussaud in Amsterdam. Girlz, we’re the Marilyn wannabes.. HrMm..Boys…that picture didn’t turn out too rigt huh..?!! notty notty!! [sorry folks, I can’t get the pics uploaded because i couldn’t transfer the files to my friend’s laptop, shitty technical probs..driving me up the wall!!!]

WoaHh.. There was this earsplitting-loud thunder a few seconds ago. This was the first time I heard such loud thunder in UK. HMmmM..a sign from the above trying to tell me something??

On a different note, I have eventually found a flat in central London. Neat neat!!. I have a double bed!! WeEe!!.No more squeezing everyone in 1 single bed..Wahahha..This time I’ll have the whole double bed to myself…and I’m gonna hog all four corners of the bed. 😛 hehe…Anyone wants to come visit me ? Free bed and breakfast..(Cook YOURSELF!)

Fuck, I still can’t sleep. Insomnia is really killing me. Someone help me pls!!


One thought on “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness”

  1. It’s really nice to be hearing from u after so long. I kinda find all the suicide thingy wif all these celebraties interesting. They get to their peak and juz wanna end it all. Mayb part and parcel of being someone famous and at the top? Or maybe good things juz never last………Something to ponder about ain’t it????Cheers Mates………..

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