No more braids!

It was so cold last night that I had to wake up in the middle of the night to wear a jacket and long pants. Winter is approaching..

No more braids. I decided to remove it. It’s so hard to maintain it. Washing it is a problem and sometimes my scalp gets all itchy.

Exactly 1 week of going through this troublesome chorus, I removed it today. In order to remove it, I had to cut out the threads that tie my braids together. It took me less than 10 minutes to remove it.

However, my hair was frizzy after that. I tried straightening it by combing it but it didn’t work but instead a lot of my hair fell off. I wanted to take a picture my hair in a frizzy state but I thought of washing it before taking a photo. Unfortunately, after washing it with shampoo, my hair turned straight again and even straighter than before.

Note to myself, the braids were hard to maintain but yet good and I never regretted making it.
11:59PMMonday, November 18, 2002

I fucked up my Japanese exam. Fucking hell. It was just too hard. The katagana shits are making no sense. They were supposed to be a direct translation from English but yet they didn’t sound like English at all. Who the fuck knows that ‘sutsupagutsu; is spaghetti. Damn, this shit cost 5% of my grades.

Mum called me just now. She reminded me of how lucky I am. I should be grateful that I’m still studying. Many people at my age don’t have the privilege to study overseas like me. I guess the best thing for me to do is stop complaining how bore my life is and cherish every moment I have now.

The university finally returned our caution fees back. Last year, I paid 60 pounds for the caution fee (something like deposit) and the hall has the right to reduce the money if there were any damage caused by our negligence. Bloody hell, all I got today was just 27 pounds, what a way to start the week!

University of Sheffield International Food Evening

I just came back from my University’s International Food Evening. It was amazingly boring and I was too full to eat anything (my housemates made roti canai and curry for dinner). There weren’t much societies participating in the food evening. Some societies, namely the Brazilian and Malaysian Society, didn’t set up any stalls to sell food.

I bought a mango ice cream from the Thai Society. Apparently, it’s well known to be pretty good. It’s not creamy like ordinary ice cream. It’s tasted like shredded ice and mango juice but no doubt its good.

There weren’t many things to do and see. We walked around to check out the stalls and then spent the remaining rest of the night standing on the same spot, watching some performance. As soon as the stalls closed at 1030pm, they had a disco night thing, just like the one they had last year. As usual, they were playing R&B music (I hate R&B shits!). Charles, Wen Dee and I ended up sitting outside the lounge waiting for Siew Lee and Shane (they wanted to stay a little while longer to dance).

The new MASSOC committees were giving out their leftovers. They forced me to take a huge bag of nasi lemak (rice), curry chicken and ‘wantans’ (fried dumplings). Since I was still bloated with dinner, I was trying to give it away by offering it to everyone I know. However, no one wanted it. Even Simon, my Muay Thai committee mate, rejected my offer. the end I was frustrated and decided to return the food back to MASSOC. As soon as I arrived, even before saying a word, the committees gave me a box full of leftovers to take home. Immediately, I threw my leftovers in to the box and disappeared among the crowd.

Kf’s bday and IFE.

Happy Birthday to Khai Fei!

The braids on my hair are falling off. I had to visit the salon again for the lady to fix it back for me. She retied 3 of my plaits for free. According to her, my plaits fell off probably because my hair is too short. If the problem still persists, I would have to remove my braids. Grr

I was just been informed about Ginny’s father demise. Ginny is a friend of mine and another fellow blogger from Brazil.
Her father passed away on the 14th Of November 2002 (May he rest in peace). People please visit Ginny’s website to cheer her up!

Ginny’s website

the ring

IT was fucking freaky! Everyone in the cinema was like loosing their damn mind. Screaming, squirming, closing eyes/ears, some even left the damn theater half way through the show. That was the situation in Crown cinema tonight.

Was really dead bored. Catch the next tram down to catch a movie alone. All that was left screening was The Ring. I thought to myself why not? Big mistake. My fingers are over-strained from covering my ears and eyes. Pussy i know, Fuck off. Just that these movies really scare the shit out of me but i do enjoy the adrenaline rush or i wouldn’t be even considering to watch the show.

It was a good show overall, scary-wise. Was told that the Jap version is much scarier though. Not planning to indulge in that just yet. The english one was bad enough. I don even dare to lay eyes on my tv now since i got home. Oh well….

4:45 AM (Aust)

dyed hair

Tai Lou Leong : Lan ciaw lah mah hai sei coolio ah! All of your hair are going to drop off.(translation : “cock pussy die coolio” doesnt make much sense in english but it does in chinese. Sort off)

Dyed hair today. Wouldn’t say it was good or bad but in a way quite satisfying. I couldn’t bleach my hair cream white with chestnut colour strands though. Hair stylist wanted to charge me fucking 50 Aust per round of bleach. And in order for me to obtain the white i wanted she said i need to go at least 3 rounds of bleaching which would cost me a total of 150 Aust (approximate) not including the short trim i wanted. Not forgetting 5 to 6 hours of stoning on the damn chair.

Couldn’t be bothered i just told her to dye whatever colour that she thought suited me. Wanted to give my parents a shock next week but looks like i have to settle for comments like “OH MY GOD! what in hell’s name have you done to your hair?!” instead of “You’re fucked big time boy, pass me the chainsaw”.

On the other hand, Wei Chen’s scalp is totally rainbowlised. Lost count on the amount of tone he has now. His hair is totally yellowlised, brownised, chestnutlised, blondised, etc. His head looks as though it represents the blardee sun. But it’s cool ‘Respect’.

There’s been tones of good movies out in the cinema lately. Red Dragon was awesome in ways it was really gruesome and thrilling at the same time. Road to Perdition would interest the slow action type movie fans. The Two Towers looks really promising and not forgetting Chambers of Secrets as well which is already out in Malaysia! Gawwdd Austalia is really slow.

Look what i found! look what i found! *faints*

Avril6 (26k image)
Avril Lavigne is teh sexxe!!


Khai Fei’s Birthday 2002

We had a little birthday celebration for Khai Fei at Fridays. About 15 of us, took a 15 minutes cab ride to Thank God It’s Fridays just to celebrate Khai Fei’s 21st birthday. The food is outrageously expensive but their drinks were good. I had this 12 oz steak, which I ordered medium rare. Chi Der ordered the same thing too but he wanted it rare. After the food is served and while we were happily eating it, we found out that our steaks has been mixed up. One of my steaks is rare while Chii Der’s other half was medium rare.

We made Khai Fei drank a lot. Frederick bought him a bottle of Champagne and Yong Chun and gang bought him a glass of vodka lime. As soon as we reached home, Charles made him few glasses of blue lagoon. We kept forcing him to drink more and soon, right after he had his last shot of vodka, he headed straight to the toilet to puke.

I had 2 pints of beer throughout the night and felt tipsy. My threshold is getting lower and lower. I don’t like the feeling of being too drunk. Happily drunk is just perfectly fine but it happens rarely, most of the time when I drink, I’ll be fucked.

There were many occasions I was too drunk. I ended up puking everywhere namely Bangsar Alley (very memorable drinking session, 3 of my friends and I drank too much till we had to puke in the alley) and toilet bowls (my usual spot).

I gave Khai Fei a burned CD with some movies and pictures on it. Janet and her housemates gave him a FCUK sweater. There were many birthday wishes via phone calls for Khai Fei. Anyway, HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY SIEWKHAIBEI!
11:50PMnote to Ben: FUCK U!!

The braids on the back of my head are falling off. I’ll make a trip down to the Saloon tomorrow afternoon to get it fixed. I feel like removing it but hell no! i just paid 20 quid for it! It should last at least 2 weeks!


Web Master Leong has flew into the koo koo’s nest. I mean would u all take a good look at him? It’s nice really but FOR FUCK SAKE it’s just so so…words just can’t describe it. But hell it’s cool. Nowander he’s been keeping his hair long eh

I know i’ve been lost for sometime. Only because there’re so many things stressing me up lately. Studies mainly though. I know it ain’t a valid excuse but seriously, studying sucks ass man. Just got over the last paper two days back and realised that never again do i have to sit in some shitty exam hall and get all terrified over some cutted-tree-paper with words. Add to that, no more lecture theaters and tutorial classes for the rest of my life. At least i do choose to believe that from now on.

There’s so much happening in the world today that it’s really getting out of hand. Saddam is fucked, Osama rises from the dead, poor bali, malaysia threaten, warning from Osama to Australians, Bali bomber smiles hysterically in court, Tai lou Leong braids his hair, Monash shootings, etc. It’s just too much information at one go! Why can’t the world just be filled with naked chicks. It would be so much more peaceful. *choose to believe*

Avril Lavigne is teh sexxe! A momment of silence please. *fantasizes*

8:27 p.m

japanese classes during reading week. grr

» It seems that Nagai Sensei has quit her job as a lecturer for our Japanese classes. A young Japanese lady who seems to be inexperienced is replacing her. However, she did a good job today. She was able to make me remember everything she taught by repeating over and over again.

Some of my classmates were commenting on my hair. Andre, from Germany was telling me how she made dreadlocks on her hair. She said she did it herself and all she did was just by not washing her hair. She said that the hair would twist automatically. Euwww

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

» This new hairstyle is really troublesome. Sleeping and washing it is amazingly hectic. My scalp hurts when I sleep on one side. Washing it with shampoo takes a lot of time. And worst of all, I had to bear with the outburst of human emotion from my friends. Some just couldn’t stop insulting it and some just couldn’t stop praising it.

I had to attend MASSOC’s new sub committee members meeting today so that i could brief the new web page team. This year, we have more people joining than last year. This year we have 12 members (!!) compared to last year of only 4 members. However, when I asked someone to volunteer to take the post of team leader, no one dared to take the position. It was very hard for me to explain things because there are nothing much to say to all the members. I have to pass the important information to the leader and brief him all the things he needs to do. I was really frustrated that no one was bold enough to take up the post and in the end I selected Ben Tze as the new web team chief due to the fact that he once tried to run for the President post and he seems capable of doing something. I gave him a short but strict guideline to follow namely that to make sure that all the committee members are involved in the web page and tear down the new web page.

I was wearing my beanie throughout the meeting. I showed it to my other friends and they were shocked and subsequently I had to wear it throughout the whole day.

Frederick’s suggestion on a new photography team is finally realized. However, there was only one person who joined the team.

Frederick made a long speech to the new editorial team. He asked one by one about their past experience and briefed everybody about the job. Once again, no one volunteered for the post of Editor in Chief, Frederick had to select one. He seems to be urging this attractive girl named Su Anne to be the Editor in Chief and in the end she finally agreed. No doubt that good looks helps a lot.

I wanted to study today and even brought my heavy Intellectual Property textbook to the Union. Unfortunately, by the time the meeting finishes, it was already 5pm. The library is already closed due to the Firefighters strike tomorrow. The talks between the Firefighters and the government went well at the beginning and their intended strikes were called off. However, early this week, the talks were called off because the government refused to increase their wages by 40% but instead they offered 11%. Many other things are closing early tomorrow. Hopefully, I wouldn’t affect anyone of us seriously.

braided hair

» Finally, after 2 weeks, I braided my hair. It’s quite painful due to the fact that the stylist will be pulling the hair over and over for few hours (thank god mine too 1½ hour). According to the stylist, the plaits should be removed in less than 2 months time otherwise it will look horrible. Furthermore, she advised that I should wash my hair too often, a rinse with cold water will do. Fuck it man, I’m going to wash my hair everyday. I don’t want my hair to stink. hehe

All my friends who saw me with my new hairdo went like ‘wow’. Most of them screamed in disbelieve but Cynthia was the only who was totally speechless. She stared at me but didn’t say a word.