Lynnzter and Kellyn’s potluck party :D

Lynnzter and Kellyn had a small pot luck gathering at Kellyn’s place. It was fun, great food. We had fried chicken, pizza, sandwiches, cinnamon bun and so on!

We played twister, the game where we had to put our hands and feet according to colours. Every round lasted only 2 or 3 minutes. Some of us (don’t want to name names!! hint: girls) resorted to cheating by pushing 😀

Pictures courtesy of Lynnzter

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Knew them since July 2003 and been best buddies since.

Thank you for the wonderful time we had especially the time I was suffering from depression. If it’s not for Sui Lin’s daily events and Gavin’s funny bloppers, I would have committed suicide by then.

Miss the late night yamcha session and weekend events! Remember I’ll thrash your asses in foosball when you guys come back!!


It’s been a year plus since I had my teeth checked. So yesterday morning, Dad and I had an appointment with the dentist. It was a quick one and all the lady did was brushing and polishing. And oh yeah, she made a new pair of night guard for my bruxism.

I can’t help noticing the existence of my dentist’s assistance. Time to time, she’ll be shoving a vacuum into my mouth. I can’t help thinking what’s on her mind. Maybe, “oh oh, here’s a puddle of saliva suck it suck ittt”.

Oh yeah, I have bad news. I might have to remove one of my wisdom teeth. But I’m only able to do so after the wisdom tooth has fully grown out. I don’t want to go thru the excruciating pain that Lynnzter went thru. SOBS

She said,

I finally got ALL of my third molars removed. The surgery was a wee bit more complicated compared to the previous one. An incision had to be made in the gum tissue, and the tooth had to be cut into sections, and each section was then individually removed. And obviously, it hurts like hell too! *sob sob* Well, I’m just glad that it’s finally over. Subsequent agenda would be whether I should get braces done or not. I’m still contemplating about it. Not sure if I can commit myself with steels stuck to my pearly whites for the next 2 years. Ugh. And not forgetting another round of extraction to remove 4 of my pre-molars. Eeks.

The needle the orthondontist used for the injection of the local anaesthesia.

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Kim’s blogger meet up

Kim organised a little blogger meet up @ Hartamas SQ. Initially it was just Paul, Kim, Gerald and tall girl Steph. Soon loads of people joined in and we had 3 tables of people. Good job Kim! (pats on the back)

While the rest was still in Hartamas SQ, Tracy, Irene, Elliot and I played foosball. Bloody Elliot the onion, he thrashed me in foos!! Tracy and Irene on the other hand were learning how to foos. They got so addicted to it.


atmosphere drunkards comicblog!

A recap on what happened last week @ Atmosphere..

There were couple of funny sights though. While Choon and I were talking, a group of guys were happily drinking behind us. They even offered Kiang and PS their drinks.

Half an hour later, all of them were drunk. Couple of them fell down on to the floor. Another dude vomited (lets call him puking dude) on another drunken dude sitting next to him and the best part is, the other drunken dude was unconscious and he had puke all over his legs.

Oh yeah, after that, both puking dude and drunken dude were sitting side by side holding hands. Maybe both of them were thinking that they were holding hands with a girl..

Atypical Measles

Today on TV3 Bulletin Utama, Health Minister Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek urged the public not to be worry about Consumers Association of Penang (CAP)’s warning about the new type of measles known as Atypical Measles. According to Datuk Dr Chua, CAP told the public that people who had already been given measles vaccination can still infected by a new and more deadly measles known as Atypical Measles. Datuk Dr Chua lambasted CAP for misleading the public.

“I’ve never heard or read of Atypical Measles!” Said Datuk Dr Chua.

To stress his point further, he asked a man next to him whether he knows about this measles.

“Never heard of it”, the man answered.

Now, I think our Health Minister here did not do his research before he attends this news conference. I know Datuk Dr Chua is a doctor but I don’t know whether he is a medical doctor or PHD in another field. Nevertheless I am curious to find out whether or not this Atypical measles exist. Afterall, CAP will not issue a warning to the consumer without researching of the matter concerned.

In order to find out whether there is a measles known as Atypical measles, I did a search using “Atypical Measles” as keywords on Google and Dogpile.

Surprisingly, Atypical Measles is not new to the medical world. University of Miami, School of Medicine said,

“AMS occurs in persons who were incompletely immunized against measles. This may happen if a person were given the old killed-virus measles vaccine (which does not provide complete immunity and is no longer available); or the person were given attenuated (weakened) live measles vaccine that was, by accident, inactivated during improper storage. Immunization with inactivated measles virus does not prevent measles virus infection. It can, however, sensitize a person so that the expression of the disease is altered, resulting in AMS. Being atypical, AMS can be confused with other entities including Rocky Mountain spotted fever, meningococcal infection, various types of pneumonia, appendicitis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, etc.”

Whereas National Centre of Bioscience Library said,

“The atypical measles syndrome is a relatively new disease that was first recognized 15 years ago. Initially, it occurred in children who were exposed to wild measles virus several years after they were immunized with killed measles vaccine. It was characterized by a two- to three-day prodrome of high fever, cough, headache, and myalgia followed by a rash that resembled Rocky Mountain spotted fever, scarlet fever, or varicella and associated with roentgenographic evidence of pneumonia with or without pleural effusion. This report highlights three unusual manifestations of this syndrome: 1) transient hepatitis, 2) persistence of pulmonary lesions for several years, and 3) occurrence of excessively high measles hemagglutination-inhibition antibody titers. Today, this syndrome occurs predominantly in adolescents and young adults.”

Now Datuk Dr Chua, have u heard of Atypical Measles?

PlayBoi Kelantan

The Kota Baru Municipal Council (KBMC) had imposed a blanket ban of mannequins used for merchandise display in business premises under its jurisdiction. Jeff Ooi reported this on his blog yesterday. However, KBMC has withdrawn the ban shortly after that.

In the mean time, TV SMITH will be launching his new PLAYBOI Magazine in Kelantan soon. The inaugural issue- with PAS green as the theme colour – is dedicated to the tears of mannequins.

Image Courtesy of Copyright � 2004 TV SMITH

Me’s Life Story

It’s ironic that when you go all out to do a questionnaire, you end up knowing more than you should. As for my case, I with very much pride did my first interview with the Crookesmoor Building’s porter on the issue of the division of assets on divorce. A family law questionnaire, it is.

Conducting the interview with the intention of completing it within 15 minutes at the most, I ended up having a very knowledgeable conversation with a mid 40s man. He spoke to me about all sorts of things. From his ex-wife all the way to his great great great great … his ancestors of 200 years ago George Ingram. In his opinion, although he didn’t think his ex-wife deserved the matrimonial home, he feels that it was fair that she gets it in order for them to reach a clear settlement. He doesn’t have any children but if he still have any property left after his death, they will be the beneficiaries of his will.

Porter: Money is always a cause to all worries. If you didn’t have any money, you will not have any worries.

Then, he went on to tell me about his life as a child. How difficult it was for him and for the people living in that era, especially when his father was on strike for 12 weeks. His mom told him specifically that he wasn’t going to eat much for Christmas that year because they didn’t have enough to go round. And because of that, he will never forget that it was his grandmother who put clothes on his back.

His grandmother was a lady of pride. When her son (the porter’s dad) worn out a pair of shoes, until it has got a big hole in the sole, his father’s Aunt May, went to buy him a new pair of shoes. Much to his appreciation, he went home and told his mom of his new shoes – his precious. Unfortunately his mom went:-

Mom: Where did you get those shoes from!?!? I forbid you ever going to my relatives to beg for anything.

So, poor porter’s father had to walk all the way to his Aunt May’s house and return her the shoes.

Moving on, I found out that both the porter’s grandfather have only 1 eye each. hehehehee…
One was due to workplace injury and another was because he cheated in some poker game and was caught.

There were lots more that he told me…but I guess I’ll end here with a selection of the morals of the story…

1. Never interview anyone older than the age of 20
2. If you have any money, give them to me. Money is a cause to all worries, remember?
3. Don’t tell your mom of your new purchases
4. If you cheat, don’t get caught.


It’s so ironic to post right after ‘I want sex on a Ferrari’.

For a start, I have been using the nick galFeRari since the creation of MIRC. There’s a missing ‘R’ in the middle because of the then IRC allowed only a max of 9 alphabets in every nick.

Often referred to as DimSum by Xes, although I seriously cannot tell how my name, Tobie Chow Wan San can be connoted to it.

Nope, I would seriously not have sex on a ferrari, not if it’s mine…

p/s: many thanks to XeS for letting me be one of his guestbloggers!!



DB: Baby I should have xxxxx you that night but don’t worry I’ll make up for that. I’m going to xxxxx you for a long long time . . . I’m driving and I’ve nearly crashed after that message, keep them coming. X

SM: How fast are you driving and what car is it?

DB: Too fast and the Ferrari. X

Later Sarah texts: I’m sitting next to you, getting ready to . . .

DB: Too late. I’ve already got my clothes off ready to . . .

SM: It’s an Armani spaghetti-strap dress you can see. I have naughty Pradas on with garter belt. I like taking my time. Unlike you. Have driven down a dark alley and am already trying to tear everything off with one hand, and with the other . . .

DB: Sarah, them straps come off them gorgeous shoulders slowly, to reveal THE BODY and then I take my time with the rest of you. I won’t be rushing anything.

SM: Really. Just as you try to put your hand up my thighs, get out of the car walk over to your side, your car lights still on so you can see me strip in front of ya Ferrari into nothing but my lingerie, open your door, push your seat down and get on top of you.

DB: I could stop the car, pull the hand brake. Lie you on top of the car, slide my hands up your xxxxx , pull them down and kiss all the way up the inside of your legs and then I would xxxxx you and xxxxx your xxxxx and then make love to you on the car. X

In other texts, Becks is alleged to have said: I need to c u so bad. I need that neck . . . I’m still feeling that electricity! Are you? I wanted you the first time I saw you. XX

I want my mouth in more places the next time. First of all your neck, then it would be your xxxxx, then I would make love to you for some time then a cuddle and a kiss. X

You like being taken by surprise u like your calfs massaged u like the xxxxx, you like it nice and slow but you also like it fast and furious! I can’t wait to kiss u head to toe then sit you down and your xxxxx and xxxxx u so hard 🙂 X

SARAH Marbeck claims that David Beckham sent her racy text messages in which he fantasised about making love to her on the bonnet of the Ferrari 550 that Posh bought him.

Recent stories over the 28-year-old football hero’s alleged infidelity have filled the pages of all the British tabloid newspapers.

Rebecca Loos, the footballer’s former PA, is to give a TV interview with Sky One over claims of her affair with Beckham.

Malaysian-born Sarah Marbeck, 29, also alleges that she slept with Beckham.

In a statement released by her lawyer in Australia, Marbeck said she decided to reveal the alleged relationship because she spent two years waiting for the England captain.

“He said he loved me and I slept with the phone by my bed waiting for it to ring.

Sarah Marbeck.. 😀