2nd last paper

I dreamt that I couldn’t do my paper this morning. I woke up feeling worried.

Then today, my dream…didn’t come true..THANK YOU ALLAH BUDDHA JESUS!!!

However, the paper didn’t come out as what we all expected. It was another killer paper. Fortunately, I had backup topics to answer the questions. Hopefully I’ll pass!

I sat beside the weird girl whom I blogged about couple of days ago. She’s the one who was grinning and smiling while doing the paper. Mmm.. from what I gathered, she was biting her own hand in frustration? Weird…very weird…

2 more days till freedom. 1 more paper to go!!

Malaysian Idol

SERVER WAS FUCKED AGAIN. FUCK IT. Anyway, I’m gonna repost this post.

Got this from Julienne, Ben’s guestblogger @ http://acidtripping.blogspot.com/

Malaysian Idol videos @ http://www.geckoandee.com/idol/

Check Thalia out!! LOL!!!

And dont forget to check the Malaysian Idol advert. visitor’s pass~

All videos are hosted @ http://www.geckoandee.com. Sorry for raping your bandwidth mate!

Australian Idol

Check out Flynn @ http://au.australianidol.yahoo.com/video/auditions/mediaframe.html?id=11. He’s Australia’s version of William Hung.

Other videos are @ http://au.australianidol.yahoo.com/videos/ep2/index.html and http://au.australianidol.yahoo.com/videos/ep1/index.html

Website fucked

Ok website was fucked last night. Thank you wheimeng for fixing it. All comments since Tuesday has been lost.

I guess I’ll just repost my Wednesday blog cause Ivan wants his free promotion back.

General Paper this morning. It went..mmm..alright, loads of people fuckup the paper. It’s either they ran out of time or left out couple of important stuff.

I think I did fine, but not my best though. I was pretty annoyed with the sounds and movements in the exams hall. Someone kept on coughing for throughout the wholeeeee exam and I was so, so distracted. At one point I wanted to stand up and shout, “SHUT YOU FUCKING MOUTH YOU ASSHOLE!!”

Then there was this nerdy looking girl. She was grinning throughout the entire examination period. Every minute I look at her, she would be grinning and smiling. I wonder what’s on her mind. Could it be..

“this paper is so easy, I’m going to score!” or,
“This paper is soo shittt..yeahhh baby I love ittt…” or
“That cute guy is looking at me, I’m so happy!!”

All I can say is, exam stress makes you go crazy.

Sui Lin leaves for Melbourne tomorrow. Have a safe flight, will see you in December! 😀 now now..dont cry..

Sui Lin’s last day. Picture courtesy of Ivan of http://trancemission.sstwo.net/

Lastly, a big thank youuuuu to Melethril from Austria!! She made me a blinkie

Hey there xes,

Made you a little blinkie to cheer you up, you didn’t seem to be in a very good mood lately 😀
Hope you’ll like it, if you don’t like the colors I can change them.

Take care,

melethril.com <3

w00t w000tt!!


This photo was taken at 7am, yesterday morning. I think that was the first time that I had actually waked up before noon.

Yesterday was the first day of CLP exam. The civil procedure paper that I had sat for yesterday was easier than July and August paper in the previous years, In fact, the paper seems like a supplementary paper (for the resitters) to me. Unfortunately, common sense tells me that easier paper may mean that the quota for passing will be lower this year. I hope that I am wrong.

First day of CLP exams

Thank you everybody for the wishes. I�m sorry that I didn’t reply to the SMSs as I was already asleep by 10pm!

My day didn’t start off well. At 3AM, I woke up with food poisoning. I vomited like farkkkk. It was so bad till I couldn’t drive or eat breakfast.

My tenant then gave me some painkiller and something to control my bladder. It helped a little bit during exams but I was so fucking drowsy. At one point, I wanted to drop my pen and sleep. Fortunately, I held on and managed to finish the paper.

I don’t know why but I had an extra hour after I finish my paper. Its either that I’m damn good or I left out a big portion to write. But overall, I think I’ve done well.

I slept the entire day after that. I was supposed to study but I felt that my brain was damn dry. Dehydrated I think.

God damn the special pork chop rice, or mm… the water melon juice. I shall never have them again.

con men

Dad is back from Japan again. FIY, his company sends him there once a month to monitor the staff there.

Dad told me that while at Narita airport, he was approached by a Chinese couple who lost their money in the city and couldn’t afford a trip back to their hometown in China (all they have is their air ticket). Obviously, Dad was sceptical about their claim, but after weighing all the possibilities that they’re actually conmen, he decided to help them. Dad handed them RM150.

Speaking about con men, they are everywhere in the world.

Here are 2 con men encounters I heard from my friends.
“I lost my money. Can you spare me some change so I can go back to my place at (insert random place here). Since we’re Chinese, we should help each other!!”

“WOI! I’m from gang (Insert gang number here ie 18, 24, 36). Did you just whack my friend? I’m going to smash if you did. But I’ll settle this if you pay me some money”

As for my own personal experience, below are the numerous ways people used to illicit money from me.

London Leicester Square
A lady with flower on her hand blocked my path. She then hands me the flower. She smiled. I took the flower and smiled back at her. She then said,
“5 pounds please”

Aboriginal guy: Heya mate! Where you from?
Me: oh hi Malaysia..
Aboriginal guy: Ahh..Malaysia! great place! The people there are nice..Bla blab bla (begins to sound friendly. However at the end of his sentence)
Aboriginal guy: Eum..mate..can you spare me some change?

Incident 1

Kid #1: My sister and I have been kicked out from the house. Can you spare us some money so that we can book a hotel?
(The kid looked stoned. Hence I said)
Me: NO.

Incident 2
White dude: Can you spare me some change mate?
Me: Eum..sorry I have none..
White dude: FUCK OFF. (Walks away)

Amsterdam Chinatown
White dude: I need some money
Me: Sorry I have none.
White dude: Give me money.
Me: (keeps quiet)
White dude: You want me to steal your camera?
Me: no?
White dude: Give me money or I’ll steal your camera
Me: (walks off quickly)

Lighten up!

As time passes, everything changes. Black Panthers are killed deliberately despite having ‘good intentions’ to preserve them. Bollywood, instead of Hollywood, is now the biggest movie industry in the world. Even Isaac Newton’s logic and laws in physics…
Sigh! Just read on…

Recently Isaac Newton, the father of physics, made a visit to Earth to watch a movie. He watched a few Tamil movies and his head was in a spin. He was convinced that all his logic and laws in physics were just a huge pile of junk and apologised for everything he had done. Here are a few scenes from
Vijayakanth’s movies:

Vijayakanth has a brain tumour which, according to the doctors, can’t be
cured and his death is imminent. In one of the fights, our great Vijayakanth is shot
in the head. To everybody’s surprise, the bullet passes through his ears taking
away the tumour along with it and he is cured. Long live Vijayakanth!

Vijayakanth is confronted with three gangsters. He has a gun but unfortunately
only one bullet. Guess, what he does? He throws a knife at the gangster
standing in the centre and shoots at the knife. The knife cuts the bullet into
two pieces, killing both the gangsters flanking the one in the centre, while
the knife kills the middle one.

Vijayakanth is chased by a gangster. Vijayakanth has a revolver but he
has no bullets in it. Guess, what he does? No, not even in your remotest imagination.
As soon as the gangster shoots, Vijayakanth opens the bullet compartment of his
revolver and catches the bullet. Then, he closes the bullet compartment and fires his
gun … and the gangster dies.

This was too much for our Newton to take and he was completely shaken and he decided to go back. But he stayed around to watch another movie, thinking that at least it will follow his theory of physics. The whole movie goes on fine and Newton is happy that all in the world hasn’t changed.

Oops! Not so fast. The climax finally arrives. Vijayakanth gets to know that the
villain is on the other side of a very high wall. It’s so high that Vijayakanth
can’t jump even if he tries one of those superman techniques our heroes
normally use.

He has to desperately kill the villain. Vijayakanth pulls out two guns
from his pocket. He throws one gun in the air and when the gun reaches the height
of the wall, he shoots at the trigger of the first gun in the air with his second gun.
Now the first gun fires off and the villain is dead. Newton faints!

I also pengsan…


This was reported by Nan Yang Siang Pau yesterday:

“A 6 feet Black Panther was found in the toilet of a sawmill at 8am, Tuesday morning. The owner contacted Selangor Wildlife Department immediately. The other villagers soon got wind of it and flocked to the sawmill to catch a glimpse of the Panther. Some even climbed on the roof of the sawmill to catch a glimpse of the Panther. Not long after that, two personnel from the Wildlife Department arrived and told the villagers that the Black Panther was a protected animal and that they intended to catch it alive. Unfortunately, they did not bring the necessary equipment to do so.

Therefore, all they could do now is to wait for their counterpart from headquarter. Meanwhile, the Panther seems to be disturbed by the noisy crowd and tried to escape by jumping on the roof but fail. Finally, it managed to break itself free from the sawmill by jumping over a wall (which is 2 feet tall) and a man who was squatting near the wall, waiting to see the Black Panther. The man was scratched by the Black Panther. The Black Panther was again trapped in a compartment outside of the sawmill because of the fence but it did not show any hostility to the villagers. In seeing this, the officers from the wildlife Department shot the Black Panther in its head and killed it on the spot.”

In my point of view, the officers of the Wildlife Department had caused the death of the Black Panther. They did not take the necessary precaution to protect the Black Panther.

They panicked when a man was accidentally injured by the Panther. They killed the Panther because this would make their job easier. Moreover, they had to wait for at least 2 hours for their other colleague to arrive and they were also scared. Frankly from the newspaper report, I think that the Panther did not deserve to die at all. It did not show any hostility to anyone while it was there. The Panther did not attack the owner when he find it in his sawmill’s toilet nor the other villagers.

However, what about that villager who was scratched by the Panther? Well, that was his fault for putting himself in such a risk. Any 3 years old can tell you that staying too close to a Black Panther can be dangerous. Nevertheless, the officers were also at fault. They were suppose to disperse off the crowd and lock down the area, to protect the people and the Panther.

In contrast, all they did was to “stand guard” and wait for right moment to kill the panther!