Malaysia Dog Olympic Day – Central Park, Bandar Utama 27.5.2007

The Malaysia Dog Olympic Day was held at the Central Park at 1 Utama. They had one competition by the name “Purina One 30 Days Challenge”. In this competition, the dog owners must feed their dogs Purina One for 30 days and show how has Purina One affects their dogs. Winner of this competition walks off with cool RM10, 000 in cash!
I could have just taken a picture of an ugly mongrel and then head to a pet shop on the 30th day and purchase a nice dog to present it to the judges. However, dog owners must record their dog’s development from Purina One everyday. 😛
The competition was also endorsed by Radio DJs from Mix Fm, Serena C and Pietro and also MyFM DJ, Lam Tak Wing.

The competition was won by 2 girls. They were presented with 2 mock cheques and soon thereafter, photographers lunged towards them to take pictures.

And I was one of them.

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Do Men Have Biological Clocks?

I’m sure they do.
I used to wonder why some girls I know got hitched with the new boyfriends the minute they jump out of a long-term relationship. I used to ponder so hard, “Why so soon? How do they know that the person is the one?”
We’re talking about a new relationship that is less than a year!
A long-term relationship of 4-7 years is no joke, and to get out of one due to irreconcilable differences is a harsh eye-opener that he or she cannot be the one you will be walking down the aisle with.
But what makes the next person the One you want to walk down the aisle with? Is it because he or she is ready to settle down and start a family with you? Or honestly speaking, you want to get out of singlehood permanently?
Age is always a factor. The old generation’s thinking that women should not be pregnant once they’re above 30 is slowly dying.
Well, unless, your great grandmother is still waiting for you to get that bun in the oven.
Do men worry about being a bachelor for life, once when they hit 35? Do they become desperate to get married, for fear that they’ll always be alone? Surely they do! I mean, that’s what make them propose to their new girlfriend within a year of courtship/relationship, right? ;D
Gee, I’m talking crap on a rainy Sunday evening.

Nuffnang – Private Movie Screening 24.5.2007

Nuffnang organised a private screening session for their listed bloggers and friends. In the said screening, they managed to book one cinema at Cathay Cineplex at the Curve for us to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean!

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to meet many people save for the famous social political blogger Jeff Ooi. However, I managed to spot some bloggers like suanie, FireAngel, Smashpop and gang, ShaolinTiger, Kimberlycun and Penispupz.

Damn, I love screaming the name penispupz.

I was fortunate to be allocated VIP seats. I sat on the 2nd row from the top, with great view of the screen.

Sadly, I do not know many bloggers. However, one blogger recognise me. wow. shocking.

To those, who doesn’t know who and what Nuffnang is. Nuffnang is Asia’s first blog advertising community. The brainchild of Timothy Tiah and Ming, Nuffnang managed to secure popular bloggers such as Kenny Sia and Xiaxue to collaborate with them. To date, various leading corporations have secured the services of Nuffnang to advertise their products and services! Not bad for a company which is less than a year old!

So fellow bloggers, what are you waiting for? Enlist @ Nuffnang!
More pictures of the event, please head to Nuffnang’s blog