Can’t Sleep

Woke up not long ago. Looks like my plan for an early nap so that i can wake up at 6:30 a.m later for class has just been fucked. *cry* Crashed at round 1:30 a.m but just couldn’t last. Don’t think i can actually drag myself to class later. Can really feel as though all the blood are leaving my entire body which is causing me to just crawl back to my bed and sleep. But….. i’m just too lazy to even move from my chair.

Anyway Requiem for a Dream is a really good show. Disturbing and disgusting at the same time but the way the movie is produced was really awesome. Whoever of you have not watched it yet, you SUCK. The raves are getting nearer and nearer. Yayyy!!! War of The Worlds is next saturday. Not too sure if i’m going though as my raver kaki isn’t gonna be here from next week onwards. He’s heading down to Brisbane for the holidays. You SUCK ok Wei Chen! 🙂 Anyway if i can’t find anyone to follow me, i guess i’m just gonna head down to Bass Station instead. WOTW is said to be one of the best raves Melbourne could ever hold besides Two Tribes, Earthcore and Slinky. So yeah hopefully i can actually bring myself to go for it.