All I Want For Christmas Is …

1. a new car
2. a new handphone / mobile phone
3. RM10,000,000 mysteriously appearing in my bank account (tax-free?)
4. 999 pink roses for fun (so gay!)
5. Godiva chocolates lasting me for half a year
6. brunch at Jogoya with a nice date
7. xes and frank_omatic not to bully me ever!
8. new lingerie – lots of it!
9. free petrol for car forever!
10. my own blog ;P
Edit: I changed my mind! Guestblogging is hard enough.
Christmas is around the corner, and they say it’s a season for giving. It happens to be a season for wanting, too!
I’ve got a long list of stuff I really want, although I know I shouldn’t be greedy. I’m sure you can top that, so try your best!
Give me your wish list, see if I can play Santa Claus / Santarina. ;P

31 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas Is …”

  1. What’s the new lingerie for eh? 😉 You forgot to ask for a hot sexy well dressed male who drives a beautiful Ferrari 😉 THEN your lingerie would be put to use. Then again, why stop at one hot guy huh? Make that several! XD

  2. Maybe….bimbobum is xes alterego!? Always go to summit….but he took the photo in girl’s toilet….Hmmmmmmm

  3. Actually I also have a wishlist.
    1) Nikon D80 DSLR complete with 3 lenses of my choice.
    2) A Level 2 ICE specification for my car.
    3) A New Nokia N73.
    4) A waiver on my credit card expenditure for the next year or two.
    5) An AC Schnitzer chassis upgrade for my car.
    Please help me Bimbobum! ahhahaha

  4. ahahahahahahahahha
    xes go girl’s toilet
    karheng: i only know of 1), 3) and 4). the rest of your wishlist, i don’t know lah. ;P
    wickedghost: i’m afraid you may not like what you see ;P too hot to handle. ahahaha sorry, lame joke. 😉
    Applegal: the men may get demanding, that’s the problem.
    rych: eh hello, i am quite real lah, i emailed you some more!
    iv’N: bishhh you lah!

  5. I hv wish list almost every week/month ehehehe…
    pity me, none of them can come real *cries*
    bimbobum, I’ll supply you godiva chocolate for a day, ok or not? =p

  6. i oso got a wish..the one and only
    1. to organise an event next year…huge wan…tat can be remembered…and i’m the organiser who can point fingers
    i think sana hears ur wishlist oso wend on deaf ear terus!!

  7. bimbobum: liddat hor….i can get lor! YAy! hahahhahaah
    Oh i forgot, my koni shocks and eibach springs as well…….aiya soon pin fog lamps also la…..

  8. hehehe apple: no la..just that my car’s old parts need to change soon! so if got sponsor, i better ask for all those! ehhehehe

  9. In reply to No.6, where on earth is Jagoya? Sound like some yoga centre. As regard to No. 7, where i got bully you. I refer to No. 10, what is wrong with blogging here? It’s free, the site is almost ad free and somemore you have so many fans.

  10. frank: you know you always bully me. heh. and post on jogoya is here.
    Applegal: the slavery part – cook, wash, clean, sex it up, etc .. ;D
    Amos: i where got spoilt! my handphone is 4 years old. ;( ok ok, i just want jogoya and the RM10,000,000.
    Abalon: he doesn’t need to hear, just READ ehehe ;P
    Jenny: that’s 35 pieces, right? ;P

  11. bimbobum: Your wish list, you make the demands mah, you make them cook, wash, clean, AND sex it up, bwahahahahaa!
    Don’t you want a nice mp3 player? Perfume? Manolo Blahniks? Free salon treatment? Holidays to Milan and Paris? Free spa treatment?
    You’re a girl!! Pamper yourself! You deserve it, sister! 😉

  12. i not so greedy like that blurfcuk. got 5 things on his wish list. i only want one.
    i just want roman abramovich to be my step father, can? 😀

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