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As everyone is aware, when a couple gets married, they will usually send out invitation cards to guests inviting them for their wedding dinner/reception.

This year alone, I’ve attended 3 weddings. One of them can be read here.

My question is, Are Wedding E-cards acceptable by our society?
To me, if I were to receive a wedding ecard, my first impression would be, “Cheapskates”. However, if we look at it on a better light, a wedding e-card has many advantages. Those that I could think of are:-
1) Save cost/paper
2) Save time from forwarding wedding cards to invitees
3) People tend to keep emails after reading them. But for wedding cards, most people would dispose them off.
4) Can be produced quickly. Behold! the wedding card! took me only 15 minutes!

What do you think? 😀

32 thoughts on “Wedding Card”

  1. I haven’t received any wedding e-cards yet, still the old fashion wedding cards. But I don’t think it’s a bad thing to use wedding e-cards. How much would it cost to write up and send out wedding invitation anyway? I wouldn’t know. But if it’s quite a lot, the money saved on not using wedding cards can be used for other purposes to improving the wedding.
    One problem that comes to mind is whether everyone has access to a computer and an email account, such as the older generation. It would be cool if grandpa and grandma know how to use the internet, my grandpa would be searching for porn…hahaha

  2. endroo: MMS invite? wow, thats even more cheapskate. whahah
    Amos: u are 3rd la. donno how to count a?? my drawing sucks? can u draw a better one??
    Sui Lin: it’s not cheapskate la. it is the future. just like bday cards.
    Applegal: Hmmmmm.. maybe bad drawing ehe
    dogma: *^.^*
    Scuzzy: I think as time goes by, people would be IT savvy. eheheh
    bimbobum: the guy is not barefooted and not wearing pumps. wat talking u!
    insomnia: not yet ler

  3. xes: No lah, look at the face, it’s like going EHEHEHEHEEE *rubs palms in glee*. And yes, the guy does look barefooted, I wanted to comment that as well. . . And the bride looks like she’s wearing boots XD

  4. imagine the havoc when some funny fella forward the e-invite to version of chain letters maybe?

  5. ROFL, Traditional Chinese Parents will disapprove you on first sight of e-wedding cards. They will go,
    Bride’s Parents: Has your dear send the invitations?
    Bride: Neh, it’s on the computer screen, forward through Email
    Bride’s Parents: Wah he so kiam siap, maybe he should held e-wedding too.
    But nice drawing too, the bride is not wearing a gown…

  6. one thing u all forget la..u dun want ang pow for ur wedding ke?
    Sigh …=.=”””
    The significance of giving red SAMAN says it all…people are supposed to give u ang pow in that envelope with your name on it. No?
    Imagine u send via email….they wire you ur angpau via C/C or Pay Pal or online banking T/t ke? hahahaha
    MMS worse……Can u imagine how to give angpau that way?

  7. karheng: good one! e-invite means not summoned, so no need angpow lor. just attend the wedding and pretend to say, “ah, i paid to your Pay Pal account liao, ok!”

  8. mata doreamon!
    i personally feel like the picture is showing a human groom wed with a corpse bride. scary shit.anyway good effort thou for a lawyer.

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