“I don’t like ……. to sleep alone …… stay with me ….. don’t go ….”
[song by Paul Anka]

Some people simply CANNOT do things alone or on their own.
Some cannot eat on their own and MUST find a companion, even if it’s someone they don’t like or cannot stand.
Some cannot even go grocery shopping on their own, even if it’s a quick stop for toothpaste or toilet paper.
One friend can’t go jogging alone.
Or swim alone.
He’s a guy.
I go, “What’s wrong with you? Afraid you’d get mugged in the swimming pool? Geez!”
I know another guy who cannot eat alone in public places. o_O
I just bring along the newspaper or a magazine or a book to read while I eat. So I don’t have to feel “pathetically lonely”.
Hey, some people can even watch movies on their own!
Can you?

30 thoughts on “Alone”

  1. first. i can watch movie alone. i can go genting alone. i go overseas alone. but i cant walk alone in the darkness

  2. of the whole list, I can’t swim alone oni. Wait, I can’t swim. period. hahahahahah..

  3. Lx can’t watch porn alone. He always calls me up to watch it together with him back in melb. Till now i don’t understand why..

  4. next time, when ppl ask to accompany him/her to lunch/dinner/swim, you answer back “do you want me to shower with you?”.

  5. So I guess Lx has a huge collection of porn on his hard drive…he is way to lonely.
    After I broke-up with my gf for 4yrs, I dreaded shopping alone. But now I prefer it. You get to take your time and you don’t get confused by other opinion. Even when I do go shopping with friends we usually go our own way and meet up somewhere. If following female friends, might end up in jewelry store and shopping for undergarments. And with guy friends I find that I take the longest and don’t like making them wait.

  6. oo: do things alone not hot? ehehe … how to look hot while swimming together with ppl? πŸ˜‰
    Visitor: they may say, “yes, thank you!” then how??
    Scuzzy: ya, sometimes shopping alone is pretty quick! or long, depends lah.
    Amos: u got 2 dogs wat ;P
    peggy: on the other hand, mebbe they luv us too much so they want us to do everything together with them!
    Abalon: well, if got a choice, then ok lah.
    whiz: what’s SASAU?
    dogma: bet you sang that at Liquid ;D
    Low: saves time and hassle.

  7. I’m quite comfortable doing things on my own (aka don’t want to bother friends to follow my needs mah), but hv you ever met ppl who can’t tolerate that? It’s just like they are saying : oh you hv no friend to go together with. But the truth is what le? They lack of self confidence to be spotted alone ? ~_~

  8. Scuzzy: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    Jenny: some insist becos they say it’s more fun doing things together! but not ALL the time lah

  9. “And I don’t wanna be alone…”
    This bee Gees song is for all you peeps who cannot do things alone…
    Alone is merely a state of mind la. It’s how you accentuate the positives which make things work.

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