Income Tax 2006

The Malaysian government recently set up a website whereby tax payers can pay their taxes online. In order to do so, one has to obtain an e-pin from the Inland Revenue Board (IRB). Unlike many of my friends, the IRB sent me the tax form with my name and particulars including my e-pin printed in it.
Since the hassle of obtaining the form and e-pin has been eased by IRB, I dragged my feet to do my taxes. All I need to do is login to and fill up the forms.

However, after inserting the e-pin and my identity card number, I got an error! zomg! wtf!!

After numerous tries, I decided to give up and do the traditional way, by submitting the hard copy of the form.
Then here comes to harder part, how do I pay my taxes? I found one section on the IRB website where I can pay my taxes online. Excellent. Yet another step to Vision 2020.

After filling up and submitting the requisite particulars, I got an Internal Server Error from the website. \(*O*)/!!
Despite all these advancements, some things never change.
p/s Happy Birthday Piffles!

18 thoughts on “Income Tax 2006”

  1. Another example of ‘ooooo…. so high tech!!! but when u use it… it just falls apart’..
    Vision 2020 here we come!!! Malaysia really BOLEH!!

  2. dude leong. have you got a letter template which i can use to claim back my overpaid tax amount from IRB? (that’ll be a real help, havent been writing in BM for ages).

  3. oh btw, i complete mine through the web portal as well, and my pin works (but my brother’s failed, so they must have screwed up in the profile data or something).
    i heard IBM was the company who built this. hmmmm.

  4. tell me, how did you end up paying your tax?
    i thought they will deduct directly from my bank account, which i filled the details in the BE form.
    so, should i go to the bank to pay?

  5. bombobum: if e-way works for u la keke
    su: hehehe yeah msia boleh!
    shin: let me loook around for that letter keke
    piffles: welcome!
    penguin: i paid through CIMB Bank, they have a special form for you to fill up. you can pay your taxes @ IRB office or banks like CIMB and public bank.
    insomnia: even filling up the form you for? 😛
    Darren: hahaha yeah man

  6. Check out the slogan (1st image). “Mudah Tepat Selamat”. Sangat MUDAH tapi tak TEPAT. Macam mana nak SELAMAT? Selamat Hari Raya??

  7. okay with my frequent absence from traveling here there and god knows where, i failed to do this. heard the closing date was 30th?
    am i in deep sht or what?

  8. i managed to do mine through their e-Filling system. =) That was 2 weeks before the deadline.
    Though it failed after I submitted it. ie, I couldn’t save / print / click on the e-payment button. And there was no way I could click on those options anymore after that. heh.
    Luckily I managed to make my payment through CIMB bank too…

  9. Please dont laff at the system, though the government always screws up majorly, but this time i’m giving them the thumbs up, its just whether you’ve registered or not accordingly, i did my taxes on the 2nd of April through e-filing when they just started and guess what? They’ve posted me the refund of my overpaid taxes on the 22nd April and DAMN i’m impressed for once. So give them a lil face la…it does work my frens…cheers..:)

  10. Visitor: LOL
    rych: u’re in deep shit! 1 year jail and 1 stroke of cane for not submitting your form!! keek
    Hazel: lucky you!
    ryu: use cimb or public bank 😀
    friend: wow, overpaid taxes repaid in such a short time?? my colleagues’ overpaid taxes from last year has not be repaid to date!
    abalon: lucky u!
    gneox: haha
    insomnia : do they fill up the form for you too? hehe

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