You Drip

My friends and I raised our eyebrows as we saw the serviettes.
“We Dip, You Drip.”

Are YOU thinking what I’M thinking? ;D
Like, “Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop”?
Cheh, I guess I’m the only witty one here. ;P

14 thoughts on “You Drip”

  1. OMG…. u sound so…. !@#$%^&. hehe. Another catch phrase, “Once you go black, you dont go back”. haha….

  2. “Once you go black, you won’t go back” o_0
    and my favourite (quote myself): “It’s linger ficking good!”

  3. Visitor: HAHA ya! i know that one, too!
    Low: having a quick mind and wide vocab helps, too, though i’m not saying i have them. ;D
    Scuzzy: o_O try saying that right after “We Dip, You Drip”
    blah: ficking or fricking? ;P
    Applegal: ah, you caught my meaning, eh? *wink wink*
    xes: ask Low to explain to u ;D

  4. geezz….Applegal pretending to be innocent again. B4 pretend not to be a alcoholic by drinking Amarula Cream, and now pretend to not initially understand Bimbobum meaning.
    Your ears are as horny as Bimbobum.

  5. Abalon: ah? ya, i quite ‘ham’ one. ehehehehe i is xes ma! ;P
    Scuzzy, Applegal: wow, takes one to know one eh! ;P
    fei: aiya, u like xes one, must i tell u to think bout ‘cream in panties’, then only u understand ah?
    i ain’t gonna demonstrate, sorry! ;D

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