Help – Save these pedigrees!

I received a SMS from a friend this morning,
“3 GoldenRetreiver dogs -1 yr, 2 yr, 4 yr @ Setapak DBKL dog pound, will be put 2 sleep 2day if no 1 adopts. Pls if u or frens can help save them call 012 2877168”
It’s sad to know that animals that are sent to the pound are put to sleep everyday. A reader once critisized someone for not sending an animal to the pound. I wonder if she knew that many animals who are not adopted in the pound for a certain period are put to sleep.
On a different note, I wonder why these SMSs are sent out when pedigree dogs are going to be put to sleep. How about non pedigree dogs? Love knows no pedigree!
Adopt a pariah today!

11 thoughts on “Help – Save these pedigrees!”

  1. How come all I ever hear about are DBKL shooting DOGS, DOGS being put to sleep, etc. Whatever happens to the millions of stray cats that are everywhere?

  2. ugh…no…i dun stay with my sis…i’m staying with my parents…my sis whose the one who wana move out..
    she say wana buy a new hse and move out…tat was 2 years ago and she still say the same thing..i wan her room…ahahaha XD

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