Guess the body part

Some women like it like this. Some doesn’t. Guess which body part is this?

HEHE. Now guess why is it creamy?









Facial! Now guess where is this place.









Summit Climbing GYM!
Now what were your initial answers? 😛

18 thoughts on “Guess the body part”

  1. Very clever. For the first picture, I was thinking of a female body part, not a male’s. Wasn’t quick enough to notice that the ‘body part’ wasn’t gender specific. Second picture was also well taken. Could not tell if the guy was lying on the floor or standing. Talk about thinking out of the box. Very cool sequence. My commendations. Did you take these pictures?

  2. my initial guesses
    1) leg (but then a bit too fertile..then i was hoping it’s not pubes)…
    2) i thought it would be just shaving cream (after knowing wic part of cos)
    3) i stopped my mind from thinking further after getting it ALL wrong in (1) & (2)

  3. ericca: where got ler. nice ma romantic.
    munak: as per your request, climbing photos heehe
    Low: yup! i took them! btw no futsal this saturday!
    Darren: when you say facial, im thinking of ssomething bad 🙁 LOL
    kink: yup i took them!
    karheng: so what were your initial guess? keke
    cgh: looking forward to it!
    lynngupao: where got unhygienic!
    mongo: good guess!
    Luxifer: nomad adventure climbing gym for poor climbers like me le hehe
    ABC: yeah carness is good! better than me!! heehe

  4. Actually i knew it was the chin and goatie as i have a friend who has one and always says that it suits some women and doesn’t…hehehe…just tot he was shaving rather than doing facial…normally should be trimmed first before shaving anyway…

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