Random thoughts about World Cup

When the world cup starts, the world stops – took this picture while having dinner at a shopping centre. These people were standing by the side of a sidewalk watching the game.

  • Clubs will not be packed like usual
  • I will gain some weight after the world cup due to midnight snacks and beer
  • A lot of people will lose a lot of money from gambling
  • Many relationships will be strained due to neglect by one party
  • It would be cool to have cinemas showing matches live but I think this is not happening due to licensing issue
  • I cannot help to scream when a goal attempt was made
  • The Sweden v Trinidad & Tobago game was exciting. The 10 men Trinidad & Tobago team celebrated the draw like they have just won the world cup.
  • Germany’s long range kick is like cannon ball man, very precise as well!
  • I find that watching the game at a friend’s place is the most comfortable of all.
  • While the guys watch the game, you girls can gather and hit the club on an all girls night out.
  • My prediction for the Final for the World Cup Finals – Germany v Brazil!
  • 29 thoughts on “Random thoughts about World Cup”

    1. I agree with u xes. final is germany vs brazil. I salute Tobago for getting a draw against Sweden. I think everyone in the germany team can shoot like a cannon. beware!..All the best to Germany!

    2. women will just withdraw sex and affection as blackmail… ;P
      rych: i dun think that’s old man la. the guy got premature receding hairline. hehehe. ;P

    3. Na..Lehmann did well..even Oli can’t save those shots because they were very well taken……The German Defence very weak this time…They might have a problem against sides with stronger defence..

    4. hmmm, there seem 2 b alot of german fans here. homegrown advantage surely will give them more chances. e 1st match showed they r not 2 b taken lightly.
      i’m e spanish supporter but i have to admit e brazilians r still e favs 2 b e champs tis time round!
      i agree-eat,sleep,drink football. e rest r not necessary! hehe!

      but they din hav a good game bcos of the scorching heat in germany… that said, they will adapt more and do much better nx game…
      *everyone will lose alot of sleep during the world cup.
      *alot will fail their exams cos of world cup…

    6. no one is gonna beat my TOGO. not even the koreans.! btw, any famous figure playing for TOGO?
      finals = togo v angola

    7. OMG AUSSIE AUSSIE WON! *stunned* i thought they were such animals at the beginning with all the behaviour, and the jap goalkeeper was doing so well at the beginning!!!

    8. piffles…no doubt about it la..of course czech will win. too many people look down at czech. Mwahahaha..they devoured US!

    9. Even the monkey Bush don’t even give a damn about them (the soccer team).
      I think Guus Hiddinks can take the Ozzies to a greater heights.

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