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LOL! that was a good one, doc. didn’t notice it until after a while, haha!

and one smart method, chuoming 😉


and i’ll post my doppelganger series #3 here while i’m at it, just coz i can. WAHAHAHHAHA! (sorry ah xes. u can delete it once u see this. heh)

the doppelganger trap (#3)

yup, this is the third issue of the doppelganger series. for those that doesn’t know, you can refer to part 1 and part 2.

few weeks back, there is a group of people, within the s@lsa community who planned to have a vacation in phuket, which later changed to pangkor. this group of people are quite the elite group within the community. i was invited to the getaway, but i declined the invitation because i foresee that i will not be able to make it during weekends (weekends are a luxury, plus i might have to work way after office hours every day, and friday and saturdays are definite cases). i was asked again a few times, at which i declined every time, because i simply couldn’t make it.

and then suddenly the invitations stop coming. phew, i thought. it’s damn difficult to say no, u know, even if you have valid reasons. i just hate disappointing others. but… oh well. something i have to learn to change.

back to the topic, things were quite for a while. then one day, a wednesday, at a s@lsa outing at a club in a particular hotel, this girl came up to me and asked, “hey, u got the sms about the hotel ya.”

me : “huh? what hotel?”
she : “the pangkor trip!”
me : “huh? what pangkor trip?”
she : “didn’t u get the sms from me?”
me : “no, i didn’t get anything from u” (quite simply because i didn’t have your number and vice versa?)

she looked bewildered and then went off to look for the person who organized the trip (quite an authoritative figure) and there was a commotion amongst them for a while. i was confused but i didn’t want to pursue more coz i didn’t want to give the impression that i have changed my mind. so i let things settle at that.

the trip was just a few days after that, and they came back telling me how much fun it was and how i should’ve gone. -__-;;

anyways, 2 weeks after that trip i found out the reason for the commotion. apparently one of the girls, on hearing that i declined the invitation, decided to take matters into her own hands. she sent an sms to me, asking me to go. and the sms reply was, “ok, no prob.”

the problem was, that wasn’t me. that was the … urm.. cough-doppel-cough-ganger-cough. i didn’t even have her phone number, and yes, not even now as i’m typing this entry. not once did they realize that it wasn’t me, and all the coordinations were done thru sms. the organizer and another fren who at the beginning invited me, didn’t want to budge in, because they thought the matter was safe in her hands. they were like, “wow, we’re so close to him and couldn’t get him to go, but this girl just snap a finger and he said yes! damn geng!”

aih. sad case. too bad that wasn’t me. they didn’t realize this (for about a week or more, all the while coordinating the trip with him) until the last moment, 2 days before the trip. upon this realization, the other girls were like “URGH. THERE IS NO WAY, ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I’M GOING ON THIS TRIP WITH HIM!!! DO SOMETHING!”

so the girl who invited him had to do the difficult task of breaking the news to him. i dunno what she told him, but i think it’s somewhere along the lines of “sorry, mistaken identity”.

a bit sad for him though. not really his fault. but well, wat to do? i still don’t like him. gossips are circulating slowly but surely about his attitude, and it’s just a matter of time until somebody mistakenly thought that the the gossips were referring to me.

boo hoo


Introducing Me!

Ok, so finally after countless attempts by xes pleading for me to blog in his site, I finally agreed to help him in reaching 1mil hits a day.

So anyway, let me introduce myself. I’m chuoming, I’m gonna be 23 this July, I’m studying the Bar in London, and I can’t wait to go back home this July. I’m from Kelantan but I don’t live in trees and I go to KL either by plane or train, not on horse back or on a cow. I graduated from the same uni as xes and unfortunately he was my housemate for the 3rd year, together along with wen dee.

I like computer games, utopia, porn, anything funny espacially racist or sexist jokes no matter who it’s directed at, I cook damn good fried rice and I am only 167cm in height. I like basketball and I know nothing about football. I like all kinds of music BESIDES too heavy metal, trance, techno, ah being shit, westlife, backside boys, mariah carey (dislike ONLY the music) and many more.

Ok enough about me for now, will try to blog as often as my schedule allows me, i.e. doesn’t clash with my utopia time. Hope I do get everyone’s support cause if not I’ll go to one corner and cry. Adios for now!

p-a-r-t-why? coz I LIKE

~Sex & drugs & rock and rave,
let?s get smashed and misbehave.
On speed and weed and little e’s,
let?s get fucked and talk to trees.
Life?s a trip and then you’ll die,
so fuck em all and let’s get high?~

– Poh Oon 😉 so come on, let?s go let?s go!!

I AM DONE! I AM FINALLY DONE!!! Naturally a hoarder, I usually keep all my lecture notes, articles, books and stuff for purely sentimental reasons but this time, ah fuck it, THIS BUNCH OF CRAP IS GOING INTO THE BLUE BIN OUTSIDE!!!! Thinking about it, maybe.. maybe I WILL BURN IT! yES YEs and watch the licking flames dissolve the paper away and ashes float around me while I run around it laughing out loud…. until I render myself unconscious on the ground, patting my stomach… muahHhhahAHhhahHAhahaa….

How ironic it is, I have no reason to sleep early or to wake up early coz I have nothing to do but my body decides to revolt and suddenly decides to takes me to dreamland by 10pm and I will be wide awake by 6am every morning. Curses! But then again, waking up these days is like waking up suddenly in the morning thinking, shit, you are late for class or something and then you realise, hey, it?s a Saturday morning? 😀

Tomorrow we are going on our Watson 16 roadtrip to Lake District!!! Well, at least I hope we are going? we haven?t rented our second car yet and we haven?t even planned our journey. But no worries, I guess – last minute stuff, we are good at these kinda shit. There will be 10 of us, 2 cars, 2 rooms ? chaos~~~ It will also be Alex?s birthday on the 17th, don?t tell him but we are gonna toss him into the lake. 😀 (can already imagine the vulgarities he would be spewing at us ? ?chaaauuuuuu cheeeeeeeeee bwaaaaaiiiiiiiiii?.!?) This may be one of the last few times we are gonna be as one group before we all leave for our prospective plans and holidays? *cries* Love you guys?

There are these 2 guys in Melbourne and Perth who I really wanna be there for right now. I wish I could teleport myself over there with just a snap of my fingers and talk to you guys face to face. Chatting online or on the phone is soOoo not enough. Tucks ? good luck for your exams, be tough for me, ok? I will be there soon. Oon ? You deserve so much better than that. Cool down first, no use getting so worked up about the insignificant. Much love out to you two? Wait till the 3 of us are together again, like how Tucks puts it, It would be awesome, wicked and insane! We’ll rock so hard, the Southern Hemisphere will experience a massive earthquake! 😀 Right on?. *HuGs**