Introducing Me!

Ok, so finally after countless attempts by xes pleading for me to blog in his site, I finally agreed to help him in reaching 1mil hits a day.

So anyway, let me introduce myself. I’m chuoming, I’m gonna be 23 this July, I’m studying the Bar in London, and I can’t wait to go back home this July. I’m from Kelantan but I don’t live in trees and I go to KL either by plane or train, not on horse back or on a cow. I graduated from the same uni as xes and unfortunately he was my housemate for the 3rd year, together along with wen dee.

I like computer games, utopia, porn, anything funny espacially racist or sexist jokes no matter who it’s directed at, I cook damn good fried rice and I am only 167cm in height. I like basketball and I know nothing about football. I like all kinds of music BESIDES too heavy metal, trance, techno, ah being shit, westlife, backside boys, mariah carey (dislike ONLY the music) and many more.

Ok enough about me for now, will try to blog as often as my schedule allows me, i.e. doesn’t clash with my utopia time. Hope I do get everyone’s support cause if not I’ll go to one corner and cry. Adios for now!

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