Back from PD with the 8Hens

I’m back from Port Dickson

Kiang, Hen, sLoonG, Umeng, Lin, Irene, Sohai, Peng, Ping Sheong, Hyong, Mei Pheng, Jin Han, Wai Keong, YK, Chiew Lai and I (16 of us) headed to Port Dickson for a night.

It took it longer than usual cause we got lost halfway. We tried to take a new route but it didn’t work. Bread dipped with Barons (8.8% alcohol stout) was fed to the person to blame as punishment.

We stayed in PD World Marina Resort. We rented 2 apartments, one on the 2nd floor and another one on the 14th floor. The bachelors (including me) lived in the 14th floor. The lift broke down by the way.

We had a barbeque by a lagoon. Well, the usual sausages (but cheese filled ones), seafood and chicken wing. Seafood wasn’t that good though. Before we cooked it, loads of flies were wandering around it. It was really gross. And not to forget barbequed fish marinated with Barons and Beer. It tasted weird.

Fortunately, the lamb chop was fabulous. And as usual, we couldn’t finish the food. We threw them all away.

A carton of Barons, a bottle of Black Label and 3 beers were finished by 16 people. We played drinking games throughout the night. By the end of the night we were a bunch of happy people.

With the amount of alcohol and munchies I had, I feel 10 times fatter today.

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