KL Tower Rave


Regenerate Red Zone

KL Tower, KL

RM30 + 1 drink
First 300 to enter between 7.30 and 9.00pm get in free

Be sure to catch regenerate in action once more as Tempo brings you Fergie, Timo Maas, and Ashley Casselle, along with local jocks Jungle Jerry and Eugene.


Fon, glo and the Penang gang came all the way down for the KL tower rave. Fon said, “Bring chickies ya”. Unfortunately, I didn’t know any of my female friends were there so I told him that all my friends were guys. In reply, Fon said, “Alamaks.. My side oso banana plantation from Penang”.

The rave was held on the base of KL Tower, the fourth tallest telecommunication tower in the world (it was not held on top of the tower. We would be dead if they had it on top of the tower).

We had to take a shutter bus provided by the organizers up to the tower as parking weren’t allowed on top of the hill (KL tower is located on top of a hill)

Most of us were hoping to get in free of charge as the first 300 gets in free till 9PM. However, when I was there at 8:30PM, there were already 2000 people ahead of me. Fortunately, the cover charge was cheap. Only RM30!! 3 international DJs for RM30, that makes RM10 per DJ! Worth it wei!!

The event started off in a mellow tune as they were playing some housey tune. I personally didn’t like it (but some may differ). However, the dance floor was packed, so packed till it feels like a long journey to walk from the entrance of the dance floor to the DJ console. PS, Kiang, Ivan and I tried walking towards the DJ console but failed miserably as it was pack like sardines and hot like sauna.

And another good thing that makes our RM30 worth it is the firework display. It was spectacular. It started off with some twirly firework that looks like it was hitting the ground. Everyone started running for cover but the firework was actually tried to a string.

The fireworks display went on for 10 minutes. Great display!

The event ended at 3AM. Everyone shouted for more but we left before everyone starts jamming up the shutter bus home.

Pictures of all the stupid clubbing scene and all the ahbengs will be up soon 😀

6 thoughts on “KL Tower Rave”

  1. fergie, awesome 🙂 chun chun all the way, wished it lasted longer but the games provided by marlboro was chun. haha I beat your ass ivan! hehe dun la angry angry all ehehehe

  2. the fire works was very spectecular man.. i thought one of them was gonna fly up/down to me and blow in front of my face ;Pjohnson: u wait!!!

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