Bar amber raided

After numerous phone calls, Umeng, Ivan and I headed down to Hartamas for Foosball. We dropped by Bar Amber to meet up with Lynnzter, Wookookoo and Tracy. They were having a monthly residency called ?I?m special? by Bad Boy Ben and Odin.

The place wasn?t as pack as the previous I?m Special event but there were familiar faces. Ivan was wearing shorts and slippers hence he felt pretty out of place. I on the other hand, am not a fan of funky house music. So Umeng, Ivan and I left early for foosball @ Breakers.

Lynn was urging us to get back to Bar Amber. We procrastinated a little and in the end decided to drop by Bar Amber again. As we reach the entrance, there were loads of people outside the bar. Apparently the place was raided by police. Oh my god, of all place?? Bar Amber??

The police seized Bar Amber?s decks and even the DJ?s vinyls. No doubt everybody was pissed.

I have no idea why did they raid the place. I heard that they had a permit to hold that event. Further, the event was heavily advertised in websites and newspapers. Moreover, the police is required by law to have a warrant for search and seizure of property. I wonder what offences have Bar Amber committed and why did they raid the place? I bet everybody?s initial answer starts with an M.

Well, on the bright side, no one was arrested. And thank god no one was subjected to any urine test or whatsoever. It would be darn embarrassing if everyone was ordered to squat down with their heads on their head.