Sweet but not Candy

Before i start my story, for our readers to don’t understand Melay, “gula” is Sugar and “gula-gula” is Candy. Ok, i can tell you my story now.
One fine day, a Malay clerk came to me
Clerk: Frank, you ada gula kah? (Frank do you have sugar?”)
I thought she meant Candy so i pull out my drawer and said
me: ada (yes)
and i showed the candy to her.
me: Ini boleh? (Will this do?)
Clerk: Ok. Thank You.
She unwrap the wrapper and put it in her tea cup.
me: Apa you buat!!! (what are you doing!!!)
She looked at me for more than 5 secs and i looked at her with my mouth wide open.
Clerk: Ini bukan gula batu kah? (Is this not sugar cube)
me: INI GULA UNTUK MAKAN LA, bukan untk buat minuman (This is candy [like i said just now, i thought she was asking for candy), not for making tea)

Clerk: u gilakah. I minta gula,you bagi gula-gula (Are u nuts, i asked for sugarbut u give me candy)
me: =P salah faham la. (misunderstanding la).

11 thoughts on “Sweet but not Candy”

  1. hahahha
    did the gula-gula look anything like a sugar cube?? wtf man? but it’s her problem for not being able to tell a sugar cube apart from a piece of candy. doinks

  2. frank i think she wants your ‘sugar’, not in the literal sense hahahahaha she must be very undesireable to have made that choice

  3. heh. i also wonder if sugar cubes are individually wrapped. yr candy no wrapper one meh? just transparent one, and can see the thing is wite in colour? geez. imagine if it’s blue colour mentos (individually wrapped) and she still thought it was sugar? *whacks forehead*

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