kit kat with peanut butter filling

months back, we were given a taste glimpse of xes’ green tea kit kat, and then the numerous others he tried and bought in japan. yum. =)

when i was in melbourne, they had the kit kat with peanut butter filling.
i lOoOoOooove peanut butter!

nice bright shiny blue wrapper…….. unopened.


sugar…… peanut butter paste…. sinful…….

a chunky kit kat……


that melts in your mouth…..

peanut butter filling on top of the wafer, and everything coated with milk chocolate.

really yummy!

p.s. i apologise for my crappy photography skillssssssss…. ;P

9 thoughts on “kit kat with peanut butter filling”

  1. round two.. i hate ppl who gets the opportunity to fly all over the globe just to buy other flavoured kit kats. bladdy lucky peeps!

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