BBQ @ HHH’s place

Getting into HHH’s apartment was one hell of an adventure. It involved many turnings and landmarks. Giving direction to someone on the phone is another thing. If I were HH, I would have burst out in anger.

The food was great. Thanks to the master chefs, you know who you are. Booze was abundant. I think we had about 6 – 7 bottles of liquor. By the end the night, it was all gone.

10 thoughts on “BBQ @ HHH’s place”

  1. eraine: its pink! and i purposely put it pink kekepenispup: its @ seri antarabangsafrank: tak tau ler, i dont layan mahjong coconini: keke incorrect!! its actually the bottle with the red wrapper. the one on the left is coke + a little bit of whisky ahhaha Louyamike: yeah some girls got pushed down the pool. and the best part of all was that they wore WHITE!! WOOOOTTT!! no, i’m just kidding hehehe

  2. frank: yes thats spiking and u’ll goto jail for it. check Penal Code hehe. butthen you’ll be suprised with the amount of alcohol girls can drink these days.

  3. Do u think we can get girls drunk by pouring liquor into a coke bottle…say fill it up till like half of it and top it up with real coke. Then we just pretend that it is a new brand of coke that has a weird taste. Of cos, we must get those supermarket self brand coke like Tesco Coke or Carefour Coke. Can you consider spiking?

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