Night Lights

Since Channel 8 has been showing the Korean Drama ‘Stairway to Heaven

I have been dreaming of going there one day. Here are some night pictures found over the internet

p/s: Just look at the pictures!

Is orgasmic the right word here??

8 thoughts on “Night Lights”

  1. i guess i am 1 of those left in asia who is not following e k-drama boom now! hehe! e onli k-drama i fully follow was hotelier. after dat, i found out dat k-dramas r too long(draggy-of coz nothing compares 2 taiwanese dramas) n tragic most of e time. gimme j-dorama anytime! simple, fast(11-13 episodes average) n beautiful chicks without plastic surgery!

  2. DieHardX: Aiya…ah niel, u can watch channel 8
    Chinese Soap mah. BTW, i prefer Jap drama too. The pace is faster and Jap sound better than Korean.

  3. Frank_omatic: Eh? Thanks weh!! heheheee… xes: the last pic on that website is a mary-go-round .. the one on the soap – so nice~~DieHardX: I’ll watch anything and everything – very deprived of TV dramas!

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