the world needs me!!!

not ME, per se. as in peace, love, joy, harmony, & above all, brains. whilst i was driving to ikea/ikano today, i’ve managed to land myself moronic acquaintances on the road. it’s true what they say – some malaysians are truly idiotic when it comes to road rules/safety driving. so PLEASE, okay?

* hello ferarri-red x-trail. i know you’re big. you’ve got the size, you’ve got the height, you’ve got the wheels,’ve even got the ego. but MUST YOU take up BOTH lanes on the highway whilst travelling @ less than 40km/h to get where you’re going? HELLOOOOOOOOOOO?!

* how do you do, neon yellow proton satria? your colour stands out, so does your very badly tinted windows, plus your watermelon-sized exhaust, & the low hoarse hmm-maybe-my-car-is-broken rumbling from your lil baby of a car. you don’t HAVE to tail my lil silver baby’s ass in such manner…ESPECIALLY WHEN I’M ALREADY DRIVING ON THE SLOW LANE! …moron *makes a face*

* oh sorry, i didn’t see you, big-truck-that-refuses-to-stop-swerving-in-&-out-of-lanes. you’re on a job, you’re transporting goods. some probably fragile & undoubtedly breakable. others probably highly expensive. so SAVE your ass [or the goods’] first before you decide you want to dance a lil heavyweight ballet on the roads of m’sia. danks ar. urgh o.O

venting done :o) just my two cents ;o)


4 thoughts on “the world needs me!!!”

  1. Oh god, I am so not ready to meet those M’sian road-bullies again… trust me, they are worse than New Yorkers.

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