From Sabah with misery

This week at KL Legal Aid Centre….
An old man came in to see me. He spoke nothing else but broken melay and mandrin.
“Eh uncle, you are from Sabah ar?” I asked when i saw his I.C. no and address
“I am from Sarawak ler, uncle.”
“Wah! good! good1”
(note: Sabah and Sarawak are two states of the Federation of Malaysia located on the Island of Borneo)
“So, uncle how can i help you?”
“My farm in Sabah is flooded because of the illegal landfilling”
“oooh…uncle, we don’t provide legal aid for tortious matter ler”
“Please help lar, young man.”
That uncle did pass the mean test because he is seriously poor. All he has in his possession is a lousy land worth probably very little now because of the landfilling. He came all the way over here to seek help. Before this he tried all sort of avenue, including making complaint to the government department, and the newspaper agency. He even paid a visti to the ex Sabah Cheif Minister, Chung Kah Kiat but they were all useless.
“Uncle, why don’t you complain to MCA?”
“I got ar. The Sabah MCA cannot help me also.”
“How come?”
“Because everytime i go see them, they said that they had no time! They are busy playing mahjong!”
Anyhow, the KL Legal Aid Centre couldn’t help that uncle. However, that uncle wanted to see Michael Cheung, the cheif of MCA Complaint Bureau. Hence, i gave him the direction and sent him off to Putra LRT. That is the least i could do for that uncle.
Good luck, uncle!

15 thoughts on “From Sabah with misery”

  1. greetings~
    just a general question unrelated to your post…
    personal reasons aside, what drove you all home to work in m’sia? and frank particularly… why in KL? pretty funny questions huh…

  2. ching: well, that’s because there is no where like home. M’sia, my home country…and about me, choosing KL not my home town to start my career…bcz i get better exposure, and training here. The lawyers here are more aggressive than most of the lawyers in my home town.
    s0rceress_: I hope they dun….=P

  3. oh cooL~ i guess when you know exactly what you want, decision making is made easier 🙂
    anyhow, could you point to me any info site for fresh graduates about what lies ahead or options do they have as soon as you leave the uni comfort zone? thanks!

  4. ching: ummmm, i don’t know any info site for fresh graduates but i used to read the articles from online job agencies like and Apart from the internet, you can try speaking to your uni’s career officer and usually the career department of uni will have magazine and books on career guidance. I think that is all that i can tell you. Good luck to you, ching.

  5. oh, thanks frank. but i realLy meant for law graduates… things like clp, bar, chambering (whatever they are called) and stuffs. anyone knows whats the pathway to be an interpreter in court?! ghee…

  6. Applegal: oooh…chong kah? ok…thanks
    Ching: You will get better practical training in Bar School. Whereas, CLP is nothing but study and study, no pratical training like cross examination…etc. But all that can be picked up during your chambering and extensive self study. As for chambering, it is important to find a firm that is willing to train and pass their valuable knowledge and experience to you. I am not very sure about the requirement of being an interpretor, perhap you can write to enquire about it. I am also not very sure which government department handle this but you can either try the Attonery-General office or the Malaysia Judicial Service.

  7. hur hur…playing mahjong. How typical…*tsk* *tsk* what i don’t understand is Malaysia that everytime you lodge a complain, you ended up hopping from one party/person to another and you eventually end up lost. Can’t they for goodness sake publish a book about where the public should go to in times of need.Someone should sack all the ppl playing mahjong ler…we didn’t pay taxes to sub to their mahjong winnings.

  8. oh yah..i forgot.Still, everytime I go to the goverment department I get damn annoyed.Always go “minum teh” or else go “toilet” or “ciggies break”. Ask them for file they say “tunggu 2 minggu” or better still always “file hilang”.

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