Between 2 People

Sometimes girls or women tend to be extremely bitchy that you’d be surprised how some female listeners can be appalled by such a behaviour. Have you noticed how some girls can bitch about their boyfriends NON-STOP to their friends? They can go on and on, and sound like maniacs!
Complaints can be from light-hearted ones to super serious ones, for example:
“He’s so useless! Forever late whenever he’s supposed to pick me up! Pisses me off!”
“He’s so f*cking useless! Always sleeping, don’t want to bring me out! And my goodness, sex with him is so bad, I get so frustrated! Everytime I tell him to improve, he never listens, like what the hell! Can’t even be happy with his job, keeps thinking of quitting…… I’m so fed up of him!”
Imagine if she complains to you on a Thursday. And she continues on the next day via text messages or email. Or even blogs about it. And whenever your friends and she meet up for coffee over the weekend, she goes on and on as well.
Really, if you’re that unhappy in a relationship, does complaining about it your friends make it better? Surely if you have issues in the relationship, it’s best to talk to him, and not to your friends?
Someone mentioned that as a recipient to her complaints, you tend to lose respect for her boyfriend and when you meet up, you can’t even look him in the eye, knowing about the thinks he did and did not do! Pity the poor guy!
I don’t think it’s healthy to bitch about your relationship to your friends in extreme details. The occasional frustration is ok, though maybe each person has a different threshold. I don’t know. I know most of my friends don’t confide in me about their happy moments in their relationships, what more the unhappy ones!
I guess that IS the way.
It’s like getting married. They say it’s between 2 people and not 2 families, although I beg to differ. ;D
[We shall leave this topic for another day!]

8 thoughts on “Between 2 People”

  1. True, true. to me these people are just trying to seek attention rather then find a resolution. Especially hate this when I’m stuck on a train and sitting next to some females complaining about their other half in a loud voice that the whole carriage can hear.

  2. marriage is between 2 people and 2 families..
    heh. i’ve been on both ends.. receiver and complainer..
    your points are indeed true, but then again sometimes one would still need some advice from an external party for a solution or whatever.. but i guess bitching isn’t actually looking for a solution eh?

  3. That is the wrong kind of complaint. You aren’t even looking for a solution. You just want to get all the ugly feelings off your chest… but you do not realise that at the end of the day, it is really freaking ugly.
    Any guy/girl dating this type of girl/guy is dating the wrong person.

  4. hey, but i have friends who reveal JUST their happy moments. for e.g, “my bf bought me gucci bag, my bf is bringing me to overseas,my bf has big car, my bf says my boobs are big”.
    i rather listen to sad, pathetic complaints rather than all this. crap.

  5. Listening to someone bitching is okay lah at times. It makes you appreciate your relationship (if you’re in one) because we would be mentally comparing while listening to the person bitching.
    But too much of it… will make someone frustrated.
    And the occasional complaining is okay also in my opinion. There are some things that we just can’t tell our significant other, due to the nature of the subject, or our pride. And we humans do need to let go of pent up frustrations from time to time. Keeping it all in is dangerous because when we hit the boiling point, things could get ugly.
    But of course lah if you wanna complain bout your gf/bf, don’t give out too personal information. And don’t make the bitching session too long. Short and sweet. Then change the subject.

  6. baburS: too much ain’t too good. but yes, listening in on the trivial matters makes you appreciate yours. on the other hand, knowing a bit of your friends’ relationships prepares you better to be their shoulder to cry on when they bawl their eyes out. 😉
    i agree on that external party’s advice bit. i have friends who close up once they’re attached. and you never know whether they’re happy or not until they break up. and then everything comes pouring out of their chest.
    that’s when it gets a bit too much to bear.
    xer0: haha, that sort of showing off, is just empty.
    Low: true. whining has a limit, naturally.
    Scuzzy: those on blogs, a bit too much lah. hehe. attention-seeking, you are right. ;P

  7. Bimbobum: Yeah I guess so. But people can choose to read or not to read other peoples blogs. When someone is bitching, you cant really tell them to shutup.

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