I see weird people

I tell you, I meet all sorts of weird people at all sorts of weird places. This morning, I met one stranger sitting at my porch. He’s a Chinese man around his late 30s, tall with acne scars all over his face. He had 2 bags on the floor. Both opened, one containing his clothes.
It was around 7AM and it was raining heavily.
(Conversation in Chinese, translated)
Me: Who are you looking for?
Man: I’m waiting for my father to fetch me.
Me: Who gave you permission to come to my house???
Man: I saw the gate was wide open so I came in lor.
Me: If it’s open doesn’t mean you can come in!!
Man: It’s raining..
Me: Pack your bags now and leave!!
He then changed his story.
Man: I’m looking for someone, but I don’t know which house.
Suddenly, he puts some sort of metal rings on the table and adjusts the metal rings on his fingers. The metal rings had some sort of dragon characters engraved on them.
I took out my house and car keys, held it on my hands and formed a fist with one key protruding out from each of my fists. I was ready to fight.
Me: If this were your house, do you think you’d want some stranger coming to your house without permission?
Man: …
Me: I don’t have any umbrellas for you, but here’s a newspaper for you to cover yourself.
The man started packing one of his bags but left one on the floor.

I took a picture of him. heh.
Me: OI, take your bag AWAY!
Man: Can I come back later to take it?
He then walked out from the house, in the rain, with his bags. After he left, I realised that he forgot to take his water bottle.
I threw it out from the house on the roadside.
I don’t know whether he has mental problem or genuinely seeking shelter. If he had asked me nicely for shelter, no doubt I will grant him shelter.
Weird people, they are everywhere.

23 thoughts on “I see weird people”

  1. ganasnya~! i like ur style, hse and car keys..nggggg
    but wait..the metal ring should be a big one then, u can see dragon pattern lagi..
    waiting for father wo…weird-ness..

  2. oh no….uve just chased away a guardian angel sent from above to protect u. h0h0h0h0h0h….ehh…are u seeing ghost? or is there so many wierd ppl around in KL…..

  3. grab him and toss him out of your house ma,big guy. you didn’t lock your front gate? i think he wanted to rob your house hehe…i find it weird that you have time to take his picture.

  4. probably uncle just a poser only. invited by xes to pose so that he got something to put up on his blog… haahha.

  5. xer0: handsome leh, i intro to u next tiem : p
    acid: GG. Thanks EnglishTeacher
    Darren: must be some lost druggie ehhe
    Khinko: ahAHAh, yeah that was his exact words!
    babur: yea weird.
    efly : ahha i have no choice, he was sitting right infront of my house
    umang: weird people everywhere la. ahaha
    cnigel: hehe, no violence!
    Visitor: must be u la!
    Scuzzy: hehehe, it was a tense moment 😛
    Luxifer: might be the ring that turned him into gollem

  6. xes : nvm wan…nvm~ >.<
    baburs : it happens all the time (still trying to get use to it)
    Jenny : i dong wang *stomping feet and rolling on the ground*

  7. That’s one reason not to put chairs and what not on your front porch with the gate wide open. People might think oooh, coffeeshop! XD But that guy’s a bit off in the head lah. If I were faced with such a guy, I’d dearly wish I had a Doberman and a German Shephard with me. Bwaaaahahahahahaha.

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