Melbourne Shuffler

Stephen of Underground Epidemic Productions (UEP) sent me an email last week.

He said,


    My name is Stephen and I’m from Underground Epidemic Productions in Melbourne, Australia. We are currently shooting the “Melbourne Shuffler” Documentary to be released on DVD early 2005. Check out our site @

    We have a sample promo video clip on the site, and a new updated one will be online next week.
    It would be cool if you could put a link to us on your site. I’ve attached a pic you may want to use. If you have any questions please email me. Thanks

    Best Regards,
    Stephen Coles
    Underground Epidemic Productions

I made a deal with him. I’ll promote his video on the condition that he sends me a DVD once they have finish filiming.

The promo clip can be downloaded @

You need Quicktime to play it.

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