blame me, blame you, blame, blame…

Sunday night, i happened to surf to channel 19 on Astro. A talk show on current issue called “Talking Issues” was on. They were discussing about corruption in Malaysia. I couldn’t really remember the name of three guest appearing on the show but i did remember one of them was MCA youth chief.

He was there not to give his neutral view on the Government policy in combatting corruption in Malaysia but to defend the Government’s policy and effort in doing so. Ok, fine. However, when he was cornered by the 2 other guests, he said “The Rakyat gave kopi-o money to the Government Officer to “solve” their problem and to “expediate” the matter.”

But hello…if the Government Officer rejected the offer, none of this would happen, right? What about those times that the Policeman stopped a car and told the driver “You were driving while talking on the handphone? The summon is RM300.00 but if you need help, i can help you.” or that time when PUSPAKOM officer told the lorry driver “Your lorry a lot of problems but i can help you.” When Rakyat ask them how can they help the Rakyat. They said, “We “HELP” la. ”

So, who should be blame for all this? You, me or your neighbour’s dog?

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9 thoughts on “blame me, blame you, blame, blame…”

  1. This is malaysia. No money no talk !! Even when you lodge police report, the clerk (constable) who receives the your report… wanted money. Else you gotta take the report to go elsewhere to photocopy.

  2. As lucky number 7, my comment is that this are the type of clowns we have appointed to represent us. Damn the dumb masses.

  3. 8th! 8 means fatt choy! well in msia our boleh land ma 😀 they say they willing to help…so why not let them help?

  4. Us for the taking the easy road out. We want less corruption yet at the same time we encourage it when it suits us. Maybe a harsh 300rm lesson learnt for talking on the phone while driving is what we need? I guess we should take a line from television. “When the bribing stops, the corruption stops too”

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