Canopy Walk @ the Longest and Highest Canopy Bridge in the world!

Immediately after breakfast, we took a boat to the other side of the river for our 1st activity of the day. A canopy walk is a term to describe a man made suspended bridge in a forest.

Can you spot the bridge? 😛

The entrance to the bridge.

According to Nat, the Canopy Walk in Taman Negara is the highest and longest in the world. However, a substantial part of the bridge had to be closed for upgrading and renovation. Nevertheless, despite the short walk on the bridge, it made my balls shrunk. Damn high okay!

One has to keep a minimum distance of 5 metres from the person in front while walking on the bridge.

My balls shrunk

Whenever one walks on the bridges, the bridge will sway left, right, up and down. Images of the bridge breaking into half were on my mind throughout the session. Nevertheless, we were able to get a good view of Sungai Tembeling and its surroundings.

14 thoughts on “Canopy Walk @ the Longest and Highest Canopy Bridge in the world!”

  1. xes: if it does break in half, just keep holding on to the net where the handle is and u will be safe because u will be then closer to the ground…;P

  2. Don’t worry, if the bridge breaks, I’m sure the monkeys will gather to save you. I mean, that’s one of the perks of being the Monkey King, is it not? 😉

  3. luxifer: which canopy walk?
    khinko: expanded already!
    karheng: wahseh. i think while holding to the broken bridge, i will crash into trees
    Epel: Monkey King? I dont recall being crowned as Monkey King. Maybe Rooster though
    zhong: it is damn chi kek.
    bimbobum: huh fast enough?
    Darren: they have canopy walk in KK? oooo
    endroo G: hehe ok la! next entry will be something else!
    kein kok: have a cup of shut the fuckup.
    davidw: thanks mate 😀

  4. gafeferi: bungee not good enough. maybe backpack from kl to vietnam!
    liz: according to my guide, the canopy walk at taman negara is the longest!

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