Fitting Room Curtains

I was trying on some clothes in one of the stores with no proper fitting rooms with doors, it had those curtain types. I hate those, sometimes, because they aren’t secure. There are those with gaps between the curtains and the partitions, allowing passerbys a peek in, if you’re not careful. They should add velcro straps or those curtain ropes and hook things, whatever you call them.
As I was just to pull up a dress, the curtain flew open and a girl barged in. Surprised to see me inside, she immediately blurted out, “OH, SORRY!”
Then she stood there for about 5 seconds or more, staring at me, as if reluctant to get out.
I stood there, doing the classic embarrassed pose, clutching the dress to my bare chest, waiting for the girl to bugger off.
I bet she wanted to see my bare chest!
[This image was used on my post titled “wOtcha lOOking at?”]
Hmmm yes, she was quite flat. ;P
The thing is, I don’t get it. If you apologise automatically so immediate after a booboo, why not leave immediately, too?

17 thoughts on “Fitting Room Curtains”

  1. F – I – F – T – H ! ! !
    Foong, since you are an IP lawyer, can I copyright all my lines with you so that you won’t steal them or the concept next time? πŸ˜›
    Oh, BTW bimbobum, isn’t it ludicrous for her to have barged into the dressing room in the first place? Shouldn’t the common sense be that if the curtain is drawn, there is someone occupying the room?
    My bet is that a) she’s a lesbian, b) she saw you went in… and she wanted a sighting, c) she was 5 seconds too late, so d) she waited 5 seconds longer in the hope you would “bare the uppers…” πŸ˜›

  2. Counsel Low: how about we trade mark it. πŸ˜€ butthen hmmm no use trademarking it if you’re not using it in the course of trade ekeke
    for works to be copyrighted, you must faill under the following sections:-
    (a) literary works;
    (b) musical works;
    (c) artistic works;
    (d) cinematograph films;
    (e) sound recordings; (f) broadcasts.

  3. bimbo: Maybe she’s staring at you because you are just too hot to be true πŸ™‚
    xes, i’vn:How’s it going everbody. New year plans unconfirm. Let you guys know laters. Take care

  4. xes & johnson: iv’N partying wif me! ehehehe ;P
    Applegal: yeah, the MNG ones – no pins available sometimes. hehe. do you notice the mirror gives a slimming impression?
    xes & Low: so, literary works? ehehe
    Low: it must have been the paperbag
    julz: or women are just curious in general, gotta stare and see if my assets are better or worse than hers? ;P
    ryuu: yeah, imagine those are mine!
    iv’N: lemme feel ya muscles ……..

  5. rych: WHOOOOOOOO? ehehehehe ;P don’t corner the wrong person, u know!
    wolfx: barren chest? that’s ur chest la, chest hair also none! ehehehe ;P

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