korewa denki nai!!

I had to go to the Japanese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur this afternoon.
The queue was quite long when I arrived. Some of us had to stand under the sun. After 15 minutes of waiting, a guard told us that they are having some security problem and asked us to wait. We waited and waited..and suddenly..
An Indian man screamed at the guard, “How long do you want us to wait?? You told us 2PM! We have woman and children here waiting under the sun!!”
Then he shouted at the guard inside the guard house, “You come here when I talk to you!!”.
But thank god, he cooled down after that.
Another guard announced that police is on their way. My first impression was that there might be a terrorist attack.
Few minutes later, 3 Japanese Embassy staffs came out to greet us. They explained that they were having technical problem and all visa applications will be postponed. I was clearly disappointed but not as disappointed as the Indian man.
He screamed at the Japanese Embassy staff in FLUENT JAPANESE!!
The staffs were shocked. They didn’t know what to say. He said something about he waited from this and that time. Seeing an Indian man scolding a group of Japanese in Japanese is something unique. It’s like seeing a White man scolding a Chinese guy in Mandarin.
His last words were, “Kore wa den ki nai!!!!” (directly translated as this cannot!!)
The Indian guy then left with his wife and children. His wife is Japanese. That explains.

I later found out that the closure was due to a suspicious CD which was sent to the Japanese Embassy. According to Japanese news, the sender is unknown. I personally saw one of the staff removing a package with a CD and left it outside the embassy. I also witness Japanese Embassy staffs in Diplomat cars rushing into the Embassy. I guess they were on high alert due to the recent Bali bombing.
More news & video @ http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/videonews/nnn/20051004/20051004-00000053-nnn-pol.html
8 other embassies received suspicious parcels as well.

8 thoughts on “korewa denki nai!!”

  1. aiyo..what’s happening to this world man..
    but the indian man ..salute!!
    “ko re wa den ki nai!!”
    kesian u had to wait along under the hot sun…next time bring la umbrella

  2. peggy: umbrella’s for woman. real men use plastic bags or newspaper.
    honfaai: aiyah he has things u dont have ma, for example something big, dark and hairy.. which is his arms. kekek

  3. smileyshufz: aiyah the whole has always been like this.. from the first crusade till now..
    Jon: hehehee. too bad we couldnt do the same to caucasions :/
    fishfish: he was quite rude though hehe

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