Brand New Look

Previous design
I’ve been planning to change the design of this website for some time now.
I notice that most of the popular websites have white colour as their background colour. has been spotting a black background from day one and even from its predecessorโ€™s days. Hence, for the first time, will be spotting a brand new look.
Happy 6th birthday!

28 thoughts on “Brand New Look”

  1. congrats on your blog 6th anniversary!! and I like the white background!! hhmm… how come comment page is still black one :X

  2. Congratulation!! 6 years…wow.
    although i am not a frequent xes.cs visitor, but quite impressed with the update.
    aiya.. u only change the color la. where got brand new look. in my opinion, u can add a background image/wallpaper. it will look nicer. black or white very plain la.
    overall… well done!

  3. Happy burfday to happy burfday to, happy birthday to SEXeSSxxxEsssSXxesSSeeXXx happy birtday to XD
    btw, agree with what visitor mentioned above, put some wallpaper makes ur site looks nicer, wei, front page too bright lar, gota wear sun glasses to read ur blog lehhhh….-.-”

  4. efly: hehe ill try to make it more colourful ๐Ÿ˜›
    oo: hehe yeah thanks!
    luxifer: ahha yeah, can goto standard 1 school soon!
    Amos: haha yeah man, my boy will be in pre school soon! hehe
    pikey: congrats on your 6th anni too! comments page just changed too!
    visitor: i wanted to do something like but my designing skills not that good la. anyway thanks!
    Stumbler: thanks mate. just changed it ๐Ÿ˜€
    Darren: hehe i guess ure used to the old blackground!
    Khinko: tqtq!

  5. OMG, comment page oso changed color, wei, u really wan us to wear sun glasses to view ur blog meh….put wallpaper larrrr…white to bright adi lehh….

  6. Kewl!…invisible writing, does that mean i can get away with calling every1 in this site LOSERS!

  7. pikey: is it? But I can see it’s white wor. Maybe u need to refresh it by pressing Ctrl – F5.
    Ferdz: thanks mate! but what is the error on the comments page?
    Khinko: Scuzzy said, change the brightness of your monitor LOL
    winkris: eooOOooooooo
    Scuzzy: LOL thanks!
    endroo: Scuzzy said, change the brightness of your monitor LOL

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